Wednesday, January 3, 2018

my backyard year -- December 13th

Skipping ahead to December 13th!  I don't know what  happened to the month in between, as my last backyard post was on November 15th.  I have no excuse.
(except for holidays, weddings, grandkids and a bit of traveling)
The Yard looks pretty much the same--altho we did have a slight skiff of snow, which is pretty much gone except for the shaded areas.

If you want to see how it's changed over the course of 4 months, click here and you can.

We have one blow up snowman in our  yard, but mostly it's just a few vintage things, like my plastic porch Santa that I've had since we first got married, so it's 40 Christmas seasons old.  I can't get rid of it now. And if you look closely, on the fence, there are some elves pushing Santa to the rooftop, and another wooden snowman sitting in the yard.  They were my parents yard decorations for years.  I inherited them 4 years ago.  Last year, the Handyman said, he wasn't putting them up  unless I painted them (they were looking pretty weathered and worse for the wear), so in October I set everything up in the garage and I did paint the white part of the snowman.  I was so proud, as I don't do crafts or painting or anything.  This should have/could have/must have been easy as it was just repainting over something that was already there,  BUT those elves?  Holy Cow, there was a lot of detail (and colors!) in their eyes and hair and rosy cheeks.  
So.... I told a couple of close friends...  I'm done. The Handyman will do it for me--even tho he said he wasn't going to!  He was adamant!!  But I knew  he would.
He's kind of like that (and I used to say my mother was spoiled?! )!
But if you could look closely you would notice he did a very nice job!

And's to catching up on the changing of the seasons.

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