Monday, February 10, 2014

Brie & Apricots - Friday Friend recipe #8

This is weird, because i just did a recipe by my friend Theda...BUT  The Friday Friend Cookbook is a fairly large cookbook,  (this post explains what I'm doing)  and everyone entered more than one recipe.  Some  of my friends entered quite a lot of recipes.  They are like that: over achievers!

So, now you know that this appetizer is from Theda, my oldest friend  (this post introduces her a bit ) and I have a dilemma--as you know,  I have been telling a short story/tid-bit about each and every one of  my Friday Friends when I introduce them for a recipe they gave me. Do I continue to tell another story about each one with every  2nd, 3rd,4th recipe they have in the book?  (sigh)
And I have to find a new picture of them?  Every single time?  Geez---this might be tough.

Theda is one of the best and most thoughtful gift-givers in the world!  Does that count as a story?  One time she sent me a bag of Tostidos with a jar of salsa that she wanted me to try.   One time she sent me some spices with a recipe that she thought I might want to make.   Or once a new kind of tea that she just discovered.   She's the kind of friend who clips magazine articles out that  she thinks might interest you and sends them. Lots of times about food.  Or about books.
I better run home and look in my mail box!!  I would hate to ever miss out on one of her packages.  (one time just a letter with 3 home made cookies wrapped ever so carefully---so I could enjoy while reading her letter. )

This quick and easy appetizer is REALLY GREAT!   Why is it that sometimes simple is better?  We've all probably seen or had something this effortless, and you are now thinking  "why is she posting about such common stuff?"
Well, because---it's in the FF cookbook.  
And truly:  simple is better most of the time.

When Theda sent me this recipe for the FF cookbook, all she wrote was:
(her words exactly)

Warm Brie cheese.  Top with apricot jam and toasted slivered almonds.

That's it.  The crackers were my idea.  The warm and gooey fruit and cheese went great with some crackers.

And now I give you another photo of Theda at her daughter's wedding  (I did last time too)   (and yes, I have a goofy photo or two of her  hanging around, don't worry...she turned in a lot of recipes)

Theda and Sarah:


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Karen said...

All I'd need with this is a glass of wine!

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