Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just thinking

I think I will do more meandering on this blog.  I mean I always meander... and then tie in a book or a recipe.  Don't get me wrong, I love books and cooking  and posting about all that.  I love doing weekly meme's.  I love some of the challenges.  But  let's be honest here--- I'm not doing 'real'  book reviews or making a cookbook  (I have no original recipes nor do I plan to), I do not have a huge following.  I just love to  write
Letters (ask my friends), journals (I have stacks of notebooks with odd stuff just written in them),  emails  (I FORCED 50 of my closest friends to have a forum thru emails  and it lasted for well over 10 years, but now most everyone has petered out).

So, I'm kind of out of sorts---about the  Friday Friend email forum.  Because I really do 'meander' over there.

For instance, today I wrote:
These are the subjects today:
Spic and Span 
Mr. Clean

tell me your story....something about them from your past?  anything that comes to mind.

Yes, I really did. (i got a few fun answers too)  It's a long and boring story about why I was asking them about cleaning products, but I was  interested in old stories from them. Because mostly, I am just interested in people's stories.

That is why I love to read Sheila over at Book Journey and her Morning Meanderings.   She does them most every morning.

Today she wrote about how her innocent days of television watching is over  (Gilmore Girls) and now she has moved on to   The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.   Two shows I love.   I also love Sons of Anarchy, which is about bad, bad, bad people.  I don't know why I love it so much.   I guess it hearkens back to my very first favorite novel, "The Godfather"  (I read it when I was 12 without my  parents knowledge),  it was about bad, bad, bad people too.  But it was so, so, so GOOD.

And now that I've meandered about really really bad TV shows ( Not bad acting but, well, you know....the moral compass and all that...we're talking zombies, drug running, meth making, killings, rape, theft, among other things.)  I have to tell you that I really, really, really want to see this movie....

....and $10 says it's not coming to my little town.   

It's probably not for the masses--and when something is not for the masses, it doesn't make much money,  therefore the theater owner will not bring it to town.  Talk about your moral compass!  Money isn't everything.  ~grins~

And yes, I know the story has been told before.  and before. And before that.
But I love it too.


bermudaonion said...

I love Sheila's posts too but my life is way too boring to write stuff like that. Plus my friends aren't as fun as hers. I couldn't get a single one to walk in the snow with me this week. I did meet a couple new people who hold promise while I was out walking though!

Melynda Brown said...

I tend to meander so I will enjoy reading about yours. Blogs are about having fun, so enjoy!

Susan Lindquist said...

I actually think it's healthier to meander a bit, so that we don't get all 'driven' on these blogs. I've been trying to meander a bit more on my little space in 'the garden' and find it more fun. For a while there, it was turning into an obsessive thing ... which it was never meant to be. Never meant to make money, never meant to attract thousands of followers, never meant to become the stellar photographer ... always wanted to share food and stories with my kids, always wanted to meet a group of fun Internet friends, always wanted to widen my tech skills a bit, always wanted to hone writing skills ...returning to those 'wants' means meandering, I think. So ... happy meandering!

Tina said...

I agree with what Susan wrote. Meandering is somewhat how I started my blog, well, the one I call my foodie blog. Just wanted to share thoughts and photos with family and met a great group of people along the way. I miss Brenda in my blogging life, but i love that I met you guys!

Love Breaking Bad. FINALLY saw the end. Had to buy it from Walmart cause Netflix never had it for us. Only have watched done season of Walking Dead so far. Do you like Justified?

Michelle Meche said...

You just write away, lady! I enjoy reading what you have to say.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am so glad I "meandered" over here today. I love that you love my crazy posts... I think life can be funny... ridiculous even, I must share that :)

Now you have given me more shows to look up.

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