Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Snapshot

In the rolling hills of the high desert of Nevada, one can find abandoned mine shafts.  Let me state right off the bat that they are very DANGEROUS.  We hand out publications that say--  STAY OUT AND STAY ALIVE-- at the Chamber of Commerce office (where I work).  Those are mostly for tourists*, because honestly,  we don't have any deaths or missing people who end up in the old mine shafts.  It's probably a miracle tho... because they truly EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.  I guess we just all know and respect that.  

*most tourists don't want to venture out into the forbidding Nevada deserts, so they never come across these unmarked mine shafts.  All those of us who live here know better.

Having said that---making that disclaimer---us Nevada natives?  We all know where they are located and we've all ventured into a mine shaft---a bit.   

Sometimes more than a bit---you find this out from your adult children, when they tell you: things you wish you never knew.

But, moving on---if you come to Nevada, never, EVER, venture into an abandoned mine shaft.

When our grandchildren from Washington came to visit, we took them   to 'see' one.    And we went inside, just a bit--never losing sight of the daylight behind us.   The boys thought it was the coolest thing.  Hannah, our granddaughter thought it the scariest thing ever.

I am sharing some photos of that day for Saturday Snapshot hosted by West Metro Mommy Reads!
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2 brothers, one cousin

messing around as boys will do.

You can find these all over the hills of Nevada....they look kind  of like a 'cave' opening.   

Our son Jeff, his kids,  Hunter, Jorell and Hannah, and the one in the purple is our son Luke's son, Camron.

Do we dare?

We're in!  Granddad, aka the Handyman points the way with his flashlight!

Just checking things out

Hannah says,   never again!

But Hunter was willing to go anywhere, do anything

Waiting on the adults to 'get this party started"

They're just cute, so I had to add them in again.

PS   I have been listening to some old record albums that I inherited from my parents  (they were going to toss them!!  I wanted to listen first, so they gave them to me.  They have over 100!).    Today I listened to  Jimmy Dean singing "Big Bad John"  does anybody remember that song?  And yes, it's the same Jimmy Dean who makes sausage!  (on the west coast there Jimmy Dean Sausage on the East Coast?  Midwest?  South?)
It's about a miner.  Probably in one of those old abandoned mine shafts.

And another long forgotten song about a miner.  My friends  say they don't remember this song when I bring it up.  It's probably  a case of not wanting to remember---why the heck was a song about cannibalism a 'hit' in 1972?   


Anne Bennett said...

Looks like a fun place to mess around.

bermudaonion said...

I'll stay outside with Hannah when I come to visit you! ;)

carol said...

I think I'd find it kinda scary, but those are great photos.

Greg said...

Those would be very tempting for kids to explore, nice that they got to take a peek inside. That's funny about Big Bad John, we were just watching that video over the holidays- the in- laws were over and it came on one of the oldie channels, wish i could remember which one. We were talking about Jimmie dean sausage.

Michelle Meche said...

Had to laugh over you things you wish you never knew comment. Now that we're in our late 30s and early 40s, my brothers and I have somehow decided that it's time to come clean. Lately when we get together we find the need to fill my parents in on various types of past hi-jinks.

Great pictures--definitely something I would want to explore. But I'd wait a few years before telling mom.

Arti said...

What lovely family photos. Looks like a great place for a family adventure! Thanks for sharing.

Louise said...

What a fun excursion!

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