Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Outdoor Wednesday

While everyone else seems to be posting spring pictures, flowers, green, heading into summer pics--I am posting some of a hike we took about  6 weeks ago.
You know, we live in the high desert---not so much green here.  And while it was hot over this past Memorial Day Weekend,  we did have snow six weeks ago, up in the hills.

I am linking  up to Outdoor Wednesday.

Our hike up Water Canyon
I always think no one in the East knows what a cattle guard is---so I always take photos of them.
Cattle won't cross them, so it's a way to keep cattle out or in a certain place. 

So begins our hike...

It's a bit cloudy and the Handyman wanted to know if I wanted to carry on.
I did.

The sun kept trying to peek out here and there.

It IS Water Canyon, after we had some little streams to cross here and there.

Rock formations on the way.

A cave!

For some reason I love to take pictures of old trees against the sky.
No one knows why...not even I.
I gave you some poetry there.

I've always been intrigued by tree carvings.

Strange to be out in the wilderness and see tree carvings and then realize you know this family!!
(small town)

Took time for a snowball fight!

More tree carvings!

Headed back to home!

And so ended our hike up Water Canyon.

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Tina said...

I love the photos you put up. Interesting about the cattle guard, I didn't know anything about them.

Got your email or comment waaay earlier in the month, about the shows we both like. YES - loving Walking Dead and we are only on season 3 (Netflicks) so don't tell me any spoilers!!

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