Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reading Flash Mob (and WBN a little late)

One of our local elementary schools hosted a FLASH MOB this morning.  A READING flash mob.
So of course I made everyone at my work stop drop and read!!

The maintenance guys thought it a treat to stop working for  15 minutes.
(of course at that time, I had no  power to my computer and we were trying to find a breaker in this old building.  I was a bit worried about how I was going to 'post' this today, as we are supposed to take pictures of our community reading)
(no worries---they fixed it!)

The girls in the office next door---they too, love to stop and read for a while.

We do give Brenda a bad time about how big her print is on her Kindle.

And..... notice the extra books on Michelle's desk?
I brought them.
I brought all the books.
Just in case they didn't bring their own for the Flash Mob.

Of course everyone knew I would participate in the READING FLASH MOB!
and I would make everyone around me.
THANKS FRIENDS and co-workers!!  

THIS JUST IN!  My friend Shelly sent it  to me via Facebook.
(I feel like Rosanna  Rosanna Dana, from Saturday Night Live....
Never mind) (only my age people will get that)
Never mind....

Today's scheduled Flash Mob reading has been postponed until Friday due to the rainy weather. It is rescheduled for 10:30-11:00 this Friday. Please take photos and forward them on! Enjoy the rain!

Well.....  never mind.
I made everyone  flash mob read anyway!!!!

I support reading every chance I get.

which leads me to this.....

...I didn't get the chance to share my World Book Night photos/experience.
It ended up being a very bad week, but I digress--and I want to share now.

Last year, we 'street walked'    (because you can in Nevada)  (that was a joke)  (but it's true)

But this year, we started out in a bar!
An Old Basque Boarding House bar

Yes, there were a few people in the bar at 4pm in the afternoon.

Trying to entice the cook!
He wasn't having it tho---he told us he couldn't read English.
So, perhaps a suggestion for next year? 
A Spanish edition?

A picture  of a basque sheepherder graces the walls.

What is a Basque restaurant?
Mostly it's the 'way' you eat--boarding house style.  
The give you big bowls of soup, salad, beans and bread before you place your order.   You have to share with whomever is seated at your table. 
And they DO place you next to strangers.
Lots of lamb, (but beef and chicken and pork too),  and lots of garlic.

It really could be on the show,  Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
It's really good.

Headed into City Hall and then the County Courthouse.
Our fearless leaders have to be readers!!

First stop, the County Recorder's office to give my friend Debbie E a book.
I have had coffee with her EVERY SINGLE Tuesday morning for the past 12 years at:
(in our jammies)

She really is a 'light' reader.
She had just gotten back from Boston, watching her daughter run the marathon, hence the Boston Strong T-shirt. 

We thought this was funny! 
No gum in the court house kids!!

At the Sheriff's office, we had to pass the book under the Plexiglas barrier. 

 The Planning Commission and the Treasurer's Office love to read!
(okay, it's a small town---we know all these people)

And then, us lowly little book givers!
(notice our stickers)
Again, we had the best time.

It was funny tho, as you who are Book Gives know, some people are very wary of  us giving them books.   
Some just say NO
Some want to pay.
Some think we are religious.
Some just want us to go away.

But....when they find out that our books are just  a gift, they love it.

We love to be book givers!


Susan Lindquist said...

Huzzah! You rock! This was such an awesome post! Reading is the finest skill a person can perfect ... it will serve one well under all sorts of circumstances. So glad our society continues to sponsor days like this that highlight reading and literature!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I love this entire post. Nothing like World Book Night and a Reading Flash Mob to inspire me for the day. Thank you!

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