Monday, February 15, 2016

BBAW Five books that are "me"

It's Book Blogger Appreciation Week!
And...I'm late in the day...for a variety of reasons, but I also struggled with participating anyway.
I don't feel I am a ' book reviewer'.   I just LOVE books and reading...and I have come to love the book blogging world. 
I've learned so much and grown in my reading and I anticipate some of your blogs so much, I get annoyed when  you don't write more often!
So without further ado....the books that represent who I am?
#1  The Godfather.   I know it's old and gangster-ish and all that, (and I'm not really gangsta) but it's the first book I 'snuck' read when I was 12 years old. It was the biggest book I had ever read and I read it at night under the covers with a flashlight. That might be a bit exaggerated, (I don't think I could breathe with my head under the covers! I'm a bit claustrophobic) but I did sneak read it. 
I guess this book shows that I am not afraid to  go out of my box in the reading world.

#2  Because 'my box' when I was 11 were mostly juvenile mysteries and innocent love stories.
I love nostalgia and the book--Seventeenth Summer--is definitely that!  Also, this is where I first discovered there were 'good' girls and 'bad' girls. (hey, it was 1971, okay?)  Altho, I wanted to be a good girl,  that edgy bad girl had her allure too.
This was also the first book that made me hungry when the author wrote of food.  Picnics, cold summer meals, chocolate cake--her descriptions of family meals was amazing.

#3 I am Forbidden.  No, I am not Jewish, but I am so intrigued by people's spiritual beliefs and  religious loyalties.  NOT in any way disrespecting, but I am just so curious.
I admire the loyalty and tradition of that kind of total commitment.
But this Progressive Methodist, could never join in, as I'd always be questioning things.
why? Why? WHY?
And I'd get in trouble for reading bad girl stuff under the covers.

#4  Stephen King's  The Stand.  (or anything SK really)
It's the ultimate fight between good and evil.  And also the end of the world as we know it, kind of novel.  Dystopian.  But no one has ever used that word when describing King's works.  They use MASTER OF HORROR.  But he is so much more than that.  SO MUCH MORE!
I guess it isn't so much the book that represents me, but the author. 
 A few years ago--quite a few---I watched King and his wife Tabitha on a book talk ...some PBS thing,  and he, the, MASTER OF HORROR, when asked how their marriage can work with two bestselling authors, in the same house, said "We are lovers first, then writers".
WAIT---the MASTER OR HORROR just said 'lover'.
It kind of creeped me out at first, but then I thought 'wow.  he loves his wife and they've worked thru a lot together, and yet, after all this time, they are lovers.'  It seemed somewhat sweet to me.
And I do like a little 'edge'--be it bad girls or horror--edgy reading is great.
And Stephen King read-a-longs in the book blogging world, are the only read-a-longs I've ever done and by doing so, have met some  really nice people.
His book 11-22-63 debuts on Hulu today!  Yay!!

#5  and last but not least--Margaret Maron's Deborah Knott mystery series is going to represent all series mysteries which bring out my love of place.
I feel that the setting in series mysteries is a character all by itself, and one thing these authors do, is know how to describe a setting/place, and I get my armchair traveling done by reading them.
This series has made me love North Carolina!
And that is me.
I think.
I better go link up before it's tomorrow!


Beth F said...

Wow a couple of books here I haven't heard of. My poor wish list.

Literary Feline said...

What a great post, Debbie! I haven't read I Am Forbidden, but I can relate to your curiosity about religions and spirituality. I am interested in that as well.

I love The Godfather! I read it as an adult, but I can see the draw to it at a younger age. I used to stay up late night reading too. I'd use a blanket to try and block out the light from my room through the door edges, hoping no one would catch me. :-)

bermudaonion said...

I haven't read any of those. I think I need to so I'll know the "real" you.

Kristina Patton said...

Great list! I have never read The Godfather or watched it! Am I the last one on earth?! Maybe I'll add that to my ever-growing list.

Marce said...

Book blogging is so amazing isn't it. I love getting to know other bloggers. Are you sure your not gangsta, lol. You like mysteries, thrillers..... I will have to check out your blog more. I look forward to learning more about you.

Christy (A Good Stopping Point) said...

I love books with extraordinary descriptions of food. They don't have to be extravagant meals even - just described in such a way as to convey the real pleasure of a good meal.

Kay said...

You may have the best list of all - for me anyway! First of all, The Stand is my very favorite King book - one of my favorite books of all time. I love it. Then you included Margaret Maron's series - one of my favorite series of all time. I'm very sad that it has come to an end and want to do a reread of the whole thing - all 20 books. Lastly, I haven't thought about Seventeenth Summer for years and years and years. Yes, I read that one way, way back in the day. Thanks for mentioning it! I need to go find a copy or see if it is an e-book. Lovely Debbie!!

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Aw, I'm so glad you ended up deciding to participate! You don't have to think of yourself as a "book reviewer" to count as part of the book blogging community, and I think this list is awesome!! :)

(I guiltily still have not read anything by Stephen King. it's a disgrace.)

Stefanie said...

This was a great post to read. I loved how the first book was a sneak read for you, only being a tween.

Care said...

I remember sneak reading Danielle Steele books. Though I also recall getting mad at my HS English teacher and turning in a report on one (I can no longer recall which!) and she told me 'not appropriate'. I'm sure she would not have approved the Godfather neither.
Yay Stephen King!

Shelley said...

That's a cute story about Stephen King. I've always been afraid of his books --I'm wimpy--but maybe know he said that will help lol!

Tina said...

Good collection of books! I didn't participate I. This one but then again, I didn't see it on blogs until today.

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