Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

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Last  month, we took a train trip over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to spend the weekend in Sacramento.  One afternoon we were searching for a place to have a drink, when we came upon this door in the middle of downtown---kind of the seedy, always under construction part of downtown.
We had Googled brew pubs and this name Ruhstaller's kept popping up but the address?  We could never find it---we went into one old building and they told us it was outside, around the corner, in the basement.
We went that direction, but there was no sign...except for these two:

We rang the bell.  They buzzed us in.
We went down these stairs.... (you can't really see the stairs) down into the concrete, burlap, pallet lined dark dungeon.

It was trendy and fun and we were the OLDEST people there.  It was the middle of the afternoon, so there were only a handful of people there, but we felt like the token old tourists, who stumbled on the trendy, revolutionary, brew pub.
They were very nice and fun and informative tho....
they had 5 beers on tap only.  FIVE.
I don't remember what I had, but I think between the 4 of us having a couple beers each, we did sample all 5.

And we ate peanuts!
Of course.


I should have gotten a better photo of the inside of the dungeon/bar, but then I'd REALLY have looked like the old lady tourist!

These are the stairs as we ascended up into the real world.
It was such a fun place.



bermudaonion said...

I want to go there! We have a little German pub here that's underground like that and it's so cozy and fun.

Tina said...

Peanuts and beer, my kinda place!!

Stefanie said...

That was fun! What a cute concept to go down into some basement for some good beer. I like that sign to ring for beer.

Literary Feline said...

I wonder if my uncle has been there. I should have had you wave to my mom while you were in Sacramento. :-)

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