Friday, February 12, 2016

Book Blogger Hop

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This week's question is:
Are you able to read in the car?   
My answer is:
But you didn't think I would leave it at that, did you?
Car trips are my FAVORITE, for that very reason.  Forced reading time!!
We live in rural Nevada--every where we go is a road trip.  And most of our road trips are very 8-12 hours long, so when we get ready to go on a trip, my book bag is almost as big as my suitcase.
Actually book reading is not my only road trip  talent. 
Everyone has a talent, some people paint, some sing, some sew....  I write letters in the car!   Woooooo!!!
Seriously tho--I do have one of  those little lap desks and when we travel, I take 2-3 fiction books, a non-fiction I've been meaning to read,  a cookbook or two to get ideas from and a bag of stationary/address book and letters that need to be answered.
Yes, I can read in the car.
Sometimes I do visit with the Handyman.


bermudaonion said...

I'm jealous. I have to look out the window or sleep when I'm in a moving car.

Maria Behar said...

Oh, GREAT answer!! You are SO lucky to have these long road trips, as you have plenty of reading time! And you certainly go well prepared! Lol.

Time is so precious, we need to use as much of it as we can reading the books we enjoy, so car trips are definitely the thing for that. My husband and I don't usually take long car trips, but I do what I can on our short work commute.

Hope you enjoy your reading and letter-writing! Have a GREAT weekend!! :)

Here's my BBH post:

Stefanie said...

Man, girl, you are talented and have one heck of a stable system to be able to read and write in a moving car.

The Truth About Books said...

I never get to read in the car. Writing letters is a good way to kill time while your sitting doing nothing any way.

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The Truth About Books said...

I never get to read in the car. Sure wish I could.

The Truth About Books
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Elizabeth said...

Love your traveling story.

Writing letters is wonderful. I rarely write letters. I am better at typing and it makes it easier to just send an e-mail. Save on writer's cramp too. :)

Happy Hopping!!

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Kay said...

OK, I got a little sick feeling just reading what all you can do in the car. I get awful motion sickness, except when I'm driving. Reading makes it worse. I can barely look at the map on my phone. Dramamine is my friend. We listen to books on long trips. The only challenge is to find one that we both will like.

Tina said...

I still write letters too! It's becoming a lost art. What joy to get a letter in the mail, don't you agree?!
Well, I don't read in the car because I would get horrifically car sick but the main reason is, I am always driving, my husband can drive, he just hates it, so I drive 98% of the time. He pilots the Harley and that works out for us,

Megan Baxter said...

My algorithm is one book for every day I'll be away. It's important to have enough!

Literary Feline said...

I can read in the car too. :-) I don't do it often anymore though. I envy you being able to write letters while riding. I can do quick writing tasks (like sign that birthday card I forgot to prepare before we left the house on the way to the birthday party), but nothing more than that, I'm afraid.

Teri Lloyd said...

Great answer. I rather drive but if not driving then I am reading.

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