Sunday, February 13, 2011

Before I go to bed, I have to tell ya

I made these great Peanut Butter Cup Bars!
(just a little treat from another blogger)

....but before I go there.....

My friend Laura and her husband won raffle tickets to the Grammy Awards, so I've been watching the awards for the past 3 hours trying to catch a glimpse of them.  I'm not sure we saw them at all, but it was fun saying we did.

This is Laura in front of the Staples Center before going in. They didn't allow cameras but they had their phone, so were keeping me and other updated on facebook.

I've noticed something about the Grammy Awards--the music isn't all that good.  Not the songs, but the sound.   I mean, when you hear these people in concert or on the radio another media venue, they sound so much better.  But I don't know, it's like the sound system when they broadcast from the Grammy's, they just don't sound---as well, as I've heard them before.

It's just an odd little thought running thru my brain as I am STILL looking for Laura and Tony.

Here they are!  All settled in their seats waiting for the show to begin.  I hope that sometime during the night, she ran into someone fun in the bathroom!

While we watched, we ate these peanut butter cup brownie treats.  I got the recipe from Brenda at Brenda's Canadian Kitchen.    If you'd like the recipe just click on the link to her blog.
They were a good treat to have  tonight, BUT, I have to take them to work with me tomorrow, because I don't want to eat the whole pan of them.   And I could.

Hmmmm....if you look close, you can see my thumb print in the middle of the  brownie.  It was falling off the spatula and I caught it.    Funny.
These were really good....and really rich. 
I'm off to try to read some of   'Cannery Row', which I haven't started but it's our book club pick for Wednesday. 
I better get to reading.


bermudaonion said...

What a fun way to spend an evening! I won't make those Peanut Butter Cup Bars because I would eat way too many of them.

Karen said...

You could rename them "Thumbprint Bars" LOL

~Jess said...

They look yummy! How cool to go to the Grammy's: I love your friend's dress!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

OMG, Debbie, those bars look seriously good - are you sure they're legal? Usually anything that gives you that much pleasure is either fattening or illegal, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be fattening.
Sue :-)

Brenda said...

Ha ha, I have some thumbprint pics too! Glad you enjoyed them and how cool that your friends were at the Grammy's!! What a neat raffle prize.

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