Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Monday--evening, but still, you want to know what I'm reading, right?

My little granddaughter 'fist bumped'  me last night on the computer screen while we were Skyping. She is 17 months old.

She is so cute!  As seen here showing off her new "high tops"

Let me tell you something about the 'fist bump'. When it first came about that everyone was doing it, the Handyman and I went to a college football game in Reno. UNR vs. WSU. We sat on the WSU side, as we are originally from the state of Washington and were showing our support. And our friends, who were WSU alumni were going, so we sat with them

There were some Fraternity guys sitting in front of us, who were having a grand time. I'm not sure what was in their water bottles, but they certainly were having fun!

At first UNR was winning, but then WSU started to make a comeback. When they made the touchdown to pull ahead, everyone on our side of the stadium was going of the frat guys in front of me turned and presented me with his fist. In keeping with the celebratory mode and not wanting to appear old and uncool, I "one potatoed" him/his fist. (this was before you did the sideways fist bump--so to be fair to me, he did look like he wanted to play one potato, two potato)

Okay, that made me appear REALLY OLD, because I had forgotten the cool new 'fist bump'
This is what consoles me tho:  he was too drunk to notice.

Yes, even now up at Washington State University in his fraternity, I believe they have a secret 'one potato, two potato' handshake.
They just don't know why.

I'm supposed to be reading "Cannery Row" for my bookclub on Wednesday....Oh, it just dawned on me our meeting isn't until Thursday! HOORAY! I have an extra day. It's not that I don't like Steinbeck, because I really liked the one and only book of his I've ever read 'The Winter of our Discontent'. It was the kind of book that stayed with me for quite some time. He's a great author.
He won the Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize.

It's just that I waited to the last minute to start it, and his books, well I can't read them while watching TV. Not that I do that much, but I just mean they take a little bit of commitment. They deserve attention...and now at least, I get one more day of giving Cannery Row, the attention it deserves.

So, for "It's Monday, what are you reading" I guess you know what I'll be reading for the next couple of days....Cannery Row. Then I'll need to finish up "the Hand That First Held Mine" because we meet for that book club NEXT Wednesday. (see--it wasn't so strange of me to think I had to get one of the books done by Wed. It was just the wrong book and the wrong week)

Let me move on to "Musing Mondays"
This week’s musing (in honor of St. Valentine‘s Day) asks two questions, but you only need to answer one…

 If you read romance novels, answer this question:
Who are your favorite “romance” authors? Why?

If you do NOT read romance novels, answer this question instead:
Do you read love-themed books in honor of Valentine’s Day? Or, Valentine’s Day books, specifically? If so, give us some examples! If not, why not?

Well, I used to read historical romances all the time. In fact....and this is kind of oldest son got his name from a romance novel by Rosemary Rogers, called "The Wildest Heart".    

  The Handyman did not know this at the time, he just liked the name Lucas, when I suggested it to him. I confessed to this when our Lucas was a preteen. Both of them, my son and my Handyman just looked at me without much expression and refuse to this day to admit that his name is taken from a romance novel.

He, the Lucas in the book, was tho: a devastatingly handsome half-Apache renegade, whose reputation as a feared outlaw both attracted and repelled her.
And I was in love with him (the character in the book)! How can one NOT fall in love with a devastatingly handsome half-Apache renegade?

(laughing)... I have not read romance novels in years and years, but there was a time when I really enjoyed them. And, no I do not read themed Love storys for Valentine's Day. I don't know why not. Maybe I should.

I remember once when I was in my favorite bookstore "The Bookworm" (see a small glimpse of my fav Bookworm store here  --only if you want.  It's a boringly long old post of mine)
and there were these 2 little old ladies (probably they were in their 50's like me now) and they had a notebook to keep track of their romances. They would confer, "Ethel, have we read this one?" and Ethel would look in her notebook and say, "No, Enid, but we really like that author".

I giggled to myself and ---on no, I just realized something ----OH MY GAWD!!!     I have a notebook now!!! When did I become old like them? Of course my notebook is not for romance novels, but for mystery and suspense with recurring characters---so I read them in order, duh!
Dang, that's funny.
Here is a link to my "notebook" which I wrote about when I used to do my "books only" blog.
This was from March 2009.
I'm really not organized at all...I just have a strange love affair with lists and small notebooks.

Hmmm... well, I give you a "fist bump" to getting older and still loving to read!!


bermudaonion said...

Your granddaughter is a doll and how cute that she fist bumped you.

I love that even your hubby didn't know the origin of your son's name.

Karen said...

Cassie is so cute and petite! Love her little shoes. Had to laugh at the one potato-two potato fist bump. LOL

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Great post - I am laughing and smiling my way through it. Enjoy your reading - I have a book due on Tuesday for my book club - Olive Kitteridge... yeah, I should start reading it.

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