Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snapshot Saturday and some book talk

At our last Totally Lit book club meeting, something weird happened.   No one had a book.  We had Kindles and Nooks and Sony E-Readers, but no one had an actual book.  It was kind of eerie in a way.  Like Twilight Zone-ish:  Let's all talk about a book one has.

See what I mean?  No one can flip back to 'that passage' to see what was really said.  No one can hold up the cover when we begin to say:  First of all, who all read the book? and who liked the book? can still ask those things, but not while lovingly holding the book and touching the cover.
It was just kind of odd. Futuristic?   I hope not.  I hope that books will stick around for a long long time.  It was just a funny coincidence I'm sure.

We read  "The Hand that First Held Mine."  It was a fine book.  Not my favorite.

It switched back and forth from one protagonist to another in different time periods.  
This has never bothered me before, so it leads me to believe that I just wasn't in the mood for this book.  It didn't call to me.

I didn't love the main characters and the writing confused me a bit, which sounds silly because I can read and understand all kinds of literature.  So this led me again to think the book just wasn't calling me.

Some of my bookies liked it a lot and some just thought it was okay.  No one hated it and it did lead to some good discussion.

After the eeriness, we had a bit of amusement. 

This is Ralph. 

Ralph is a parrot.  Ralph can sing Old MacDonald and quite a few words, but on book club night he was being shy and would talk.  What he did was copy our laughter.  We were all laughing so him.
At first, we just heard an echo of one person's laugh, and so we would laugh a bit harder, then the echo got louder and more peoples laughter was coming from the cage...and that just started a roller coaster of laughing and listening.

You know what tho?  That was kind of eerie too when you think about it.  A book club with no books, and a parrot imitating our laughter.  Quite  Twilight Zone if you ask me.

I am linking this snapshot of Ralph  (who is a girl, by the way) to   Snap Shot Saturday at  'At Home With Books'. 

PS.   I had wanted to find a good picture of my kitchen to show you the 'before' we begin or redecorating project.  paint, flooring, appliances, lighting, counter tops, sink.  But I couldn't find the picture I wanted.  So this week, you get Ralph.


Lee said...

My book club could use a Ralph. Cute story and photo. :)

Bev Hankins said...

Love the story and picture of Ralph. It's a shame he couldn't be taught a few quotes from whatever book you're reading at the time and then be prompted to say them at appropriate moments.

Here's mine:

Alyce said...

I'm trying to imagine what he sounded like imitating the laughter. Birds that can mimic sounds fascinate me.

We have an e-reader, but I don't want to get rid of my hard-copy books in part because what if for some reason there are power blackouts? And then we can't plug-in and recharge the e-readers. I'm sure if that's the case I'll have more to worry about than reading books, but I sure want to have them around still. :)

Karen said...

Aww, Ralph is a cutie. Be sure to get lots of 'before' pictures of your kitchen so we can ooh and ahh at the end of the remodel!

Anonymous said...

I'm still deciding whether to get a Nook or Kindle, I like the feel of a book in my hand and seeing them on my shelves.

Ralph is so pretty!

You can visit my Saturday Snapshot HERE

Anonymous said...

Ralph looks really cute.

I have a Kindle and I knwo what you mean about looking back at passages. It does have a search function, but it's still more cumbersome than a p-book when it comes to this. I still love having it though :-)

bermudaonion said...

Most of the people in my book club have eReaders too. :( Ralph is adorable.

Dizzy C said...

Ralph is lovely.

A twilight zone book club :)


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