Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good night

Okay apparently you don't have to have a 'smart' phone to have Twitter on your phone.  You just have to have a smart 'person' to know that.  I guess it  wasn't me.  Because after I embarrassed myself saying I have to use my computer to get into my Twitter account, my sweet daughter-in-law sent me a text  (or maybe it was a tweet?) letting me know that I could indeed get Twitter on my phone.  (we have the same phone).

I am an old dog.  I can only learn so many tricks.

Speaking of that--(only so many tricks I can do)  please bear with me as I change my blog header.  I NEED my daughter in law to do that for me too and she's really busy this week.  Like seriously loaded down busy.  I want her, I need  her....but  works/career stuff  trumps the mother-in-law.
Sometime next week, I will look good again. I promise.   Or my header will look good again anyway.  Me?  I still have some jogging and dieting to do....

My "Lit Wits" book club met tonight.  (sigh)  I love book club.   My friend told me she read on the news that if a person (I am going to insert myself here) belongs to a club  (inserting book club here), they are as happy as a person who has a million dollars.
It was on the news, so it must be true.
I felt like a millionaire tonight---basking in the company of friends.  ( you think I jest, but I don't.  I really do love going to book club)

Here is my book and my cup of tea and my scones--yummy scones!

It's late, I'm not reviewing the book .  Okay--I cannot tell a lie.  I DIDN'T EVEN READ IT.  (now my friends will see this --dang, I ratted myself out--they didn't have a clue. )  But it seemed like everyone else enjoyed this one.  A couple of them have read the sequel already.   It was a good discussion...and I joined right in.  I would say  "do you think"   and that would lead them on to discuss something at length.   It was just fun for me to listen to them 'book talk'.
The book was "The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club"  by Gil Mcneal.   It got good reviews for a "quick and easy, chick-lit" book tonight.

On the menu for tomorrow night?   Seafood Soup and Bacon Stuffed Shells.

Now...good night.

O bed! O bed! delicious bed!

That heaven upon earth to the weary head.

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bermudaonion said...

Maybe your header is the reason the cold weather's hung around so long this year. Did I read Bacon Stuffed Shells? I'd love to see the recipe for that.

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