Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AudioBook Week--Midweek Meme

Jen at Devourer Of Books  has posted this meme for Day #3 of Audiobook Week.

Current/most recent audiobook: I just started Lucia, Lucia by Adrianni Trigiani this morning for my walk to work.  I'm 39 minutes into it.

Impressions: I am loving it!  The narrator, Cassandra Campbell, does an Italian accent wonderfully.  And she knows how to pronounce Italian words.  Imagine that!  I would have been stumbling over those words had I 'read' this book.  So, I was thrilled when I heard her voice this morning.

Current favorite audiobook: Um.....this is only my 5th one.  So, my current favorite is this one, Lucia Lucia.

One narrator who always makes you choose audio over print:  Again, this is only my 5th audio book, so I can't answer that.  But, having looked at other blogs who participated in this meme today, I can say that I'm very excited about getting certain narrators now.  I have a list going...

Genre you most often choose to listen to: I am all over the board, genre wise.  I'm kind of excited to listen to some mysteries and crime suspense.

If given the choice, you will always choose audio when:  Again....I can't really say.  It's fun to be new and so excited, but not so fun when I can't answer these questions!

If given the choice, you will always choose print when:  I don't think I'll ever 'give up' print, but  my eyes have been opened by all the more reading possibilities to getting more books in, since I've discovered audio.
Ask me next year during Audio Book Week, and I'm sure I'll have all kinds of answers for ya.


jen - devourer of books said...

Just think of all the wonder you have in store!

bermudaonion said...

I've seen Cassandra Campbell's name a lot today.

JoAnn said...

Cassandra Campbell is one of my favorite narrators, too!

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