Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

It's time for Outdoor Wednesday. 
This little hummingbird has come back to nest above our patio. It's her third year in a row....or someone's third year in a nest there.
We eat outside almost every night during the summer, and she hates it!!    She is so annoyed that we are coming to her space.

We had a little dinner party on Sunday evening.....she practically dived bombed us....  she did lots of fly-bys to try and make us leave.
She has little babies to protect you know!

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bermudaonion said...

OH my gosh, that's amazing! We suspected hummingbirds nested in our yard when we lived in Auburn, but we could never see the nests.

Kate said...

Adorable...aren't their nests something? They are like silk inside. I love them!

MM said...

Cool! We had very few hummingbirds this year. Not sure why.

sadie said...

She came back! What was her name again? Was it Ginger?

cherry said...

I have to say I would have thought her nest was a dirt dobber nest if she hadn't been sitting in it how sweet.
Happy day to you and yours
hugs from Savannah, Cherry

Karen said...

When my folks were campground hosts, they had a hummingbird build a nest on the ledge of the awning on their travel trailer. My folks could see it from the dining table and it was real close, too. I had twinkly lights on our patio cover down south and wanted them up here, but dang, it stays light in the summer until 10pm, so there's no way we would ever use them!

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