Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Big Backyard

OMG!!   Mother Nature?  You've got to be kidding, right?!
There is a dusting of my backyard.
See that white stuff on the grass?  S......N......O......W!!

One of my favorite things to do is to lay on the patio swing and read a book in the WARM June afternoons.
Well, forget that Mother Nature.  YOU are crazy.  It's not supposed to snow in June.  Granted, it's only a dusting, but still..... there is not supposed to be ANY!

What flowers I have planted will probably die now....frozen to death!!
And my friend Michelle at Ms. enPlace  is hosting  "Garden Variety Wednesday" on her blog....and I can't participate!!  She's in Louisiana, so she's had a garden for some poor little tomato  plants and basil will probably be brown and withered this afternoon.  (I'll let you  know)

All I can say is UGH!  (that is better than all the curse words I'm really saying... like   WHAT THE ....? you can insert any nasty word you want in there.  I've thought them and said them all this morning.)

Another one of my favorite things is to take my coffee cup and  go pull weeds in the early morning, for about 15 minutes.   But, it's usually damp with dew, NOT SNOW!!!!

This is crazy!
Maybe I'll make soup tonight.


MM said...

Debbie! I can't believe! And I'm so sad for your tomatoes & basil. So strange to see all the blooms in your yard and snow--flippin' SNOW on the ground. This really stinks.

BTW-Not sure if you're planning on reading the whole James Lee Burke/Dave Robicheaux series...but Purple Cane Road is my favorite!

Terri said...

Brrrr. My son drove from San Francisco to Reno last weekend and sent photos of my granddaughters playing in the snow over Donner Summit...on Memorial Day Weekend! Crazy weather everywhere!

Kate said...

We surely are having unusual weather patterns! I had rain...but I could see the snow on the nearby mountains!
Sorry about your tomatoes and basil..hope they weathered the storm...

Brenda said...

Yikes! I bet your basil and tomatoes are fine and I bet not long after you took those pics it was melted. Unless you got another foot, lol!

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