Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Audio Book Week Day #2

And the question is:
Discuss the essentials of audiobook reviewing. What do you make sure to include? What do you want to see when you read other people’s reviews?

My answer is:
Man! This is a hard one for me...because I don't review books. Audio or otherwise.  I just like to talk about them.    And I like to buy them and read them or listen to them, and then get on here and post about my book love Or my food love or my random thoughts, grandchildren, vacations etc.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm not exclusively a book blogger...
....I don't feel comfortable enough, with my writing skills or thought process (hahaha)  to 'review' a book.  I mean, how many ways can I say:  I LOVE THAT BOOK?  I do not have that kind of self-assurance to put pen to paper, or keyboard to computer, if you will.

BUT (and bear with me please, I will get to what I like in other people's reviews soon)  I am self assured enough to hang out with you all.  All you book bloggers.  Because I know that  'sitting down' with a cup of coffee and a piece of apple pie, we could have the best conversation ever about books and bookstores and authors and the publishing world.
(sigh)  I dream of it, in fact.  You, me, book conversations...awwwww, heaven.

I have a horrible habit of meandering....and maybe that's why I can't do book reviews.   Something would remind me of something I saw the other day, and then I'd have to talk about it in the middle of the review and what if I couldn't segue back into the review well?  It could be a mess.

So, anyway....What do I want to see when I read other peoples reviews of audio books?
I want to see their passion for something they really liked.  That's very simple.

And as I get deeper into audio books, listening to more and more,  the narrator is important to me. There needs to be some description of  how the narrator does his/her job and who it is.    A narrator can make or break an audio book and as I get more familiar with them, I an starting to  know by their name who is good, great or just okay for me.

As far as production goes,  things like sound effects and music.... nothing comes to mind, so either I've listened to nothing that had sound effects and music, or it fit so good with the story and narrator, I didn't notice--in a good way.

So, I guess,  besides the opinion of the story, description of the characters, an audio reviewer should mention the narrator and the production (if it bothers them at all).
That's what I'm looking for in an audio reviewer.

Audio Book Week is hosted by  Jen at Devourer of Books 


Mamun said...

Nice post.....

Jen (Devourer of Books) said...

I'm good with whatever you call it, as long as you mention the narrator!

bermudaonion said...

You write as well as all of us calling our posts "reviews!"

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