Saturday, June 2, 2012

Denio BBQ

Denio  isn't a type of BBQ, but rather a place in Nevada, where they have an annual BBQ (cookout for all you southerners), which is the BIGGEST event in their town all year.  It's a big fundraiser for them.  Their town probably doubles in size on the day of the BBQ.  But, as their population is less than 100  (I would say close to  50 in town) , it only goes up to about 200 people.

Here is a short description of Denio,  Nevada, :

 /  / 41.99; -118.63306
CountryUnited States
StateNevada and Oregon
CountyHumboldt and Harney
Time zonePacific (PST)
Denio, Nevada is an unincorporated community that lies on the Nevada-Oregon state line in Humboldt County, Nevada and Harney County, Oregon, in the United States.  The community is also known as Denio, Oregon. There was formerly a Denio, Oregon post office north of the state line.  The population of permanent residents is less than 100.  Most of the town lies south of the state line in Nevada.  The southern part of the community includes a post office, a community center, a library, and the Diamond Inn Bar, the center of the town's social life.  Recreational activities available in the Denio area include fishing, opal mining, rockhounding, hunting, and visiting the hot springs.   Humboldt County School District operates the Denio School, a kindergarten-eighth grade (K-8) school, on the Nevada side of the state line.

I've often said that we live in the middle of nowhere, but today, we drove  96 miles from Winnemucca to attend the Denio BBQ....and that really is  'in the middle of nowhere."

(the long road out there)
(lots of roads in rural Nevada are long roads...and look exactly like this)

(the mountains on the way out are beautiful!!)

(every 25 or more miles a ranch will appear in the horizon---that clump of green trees in the middle of the sagebrush is a HUGE ranch house/yard.  They raise cattle)

But what a nice nowhere!!  It's a lovely little community, with nice people--ranchers, all of them--very proud of their  community.   They still have a post office, which IS NOT going to be closing.  For now.

and they have a  Community Hall (slash) basketball gym (slash ) library...

And they have a nice bar/tavern next to the community hall...

It's the old kind of bar----where your dog can just come in and make himself at home behind the bar.

The fireman do the grilling--steaks and chorizos--and the community brings  side dishes and desserts for the potluck.  Lots of old fashioned jellos and things like cornbread salad.  Mmmmmm.   
They have a quilt show and a book sale during this time also.
Earlier during the day,  they have a rodeo and roping events and kids games.  It's quite the deal.  And a band to play for dancing after the BBQ.

It was a very small book sale, but I couldn't leave without buying at least one book you I looked thru the tables and chose three.   No one was out there helping  us, so I turned with my books to go inside and pay and The Handyman pulled out two dollars and put it in the can.  I said,  really?  On the honor system?   Man, I love small communities!!

We had a nice afternoon/evening.  One funny thing out there in the middle of nowhere was this phone booth. I thought it was funny anyway.   The Handyman said,  even Superman needs a place to change clothes. 



Melynda said...

looks like a great day!

Karen said...

Looks like fun - I'd love to do that.

Kate said...

What a fun day! I remember stopping to buy some tomatoes when we were in the mountains somewhere. I was amazed that the honor system still existed! Nice, isn't it?

Kate said...

Mr. T just reminded me that I have been there! I think I remember the junction more than the town. We were exploring southeastern Oregon and dropped down into Nevada on our way to the opal mines. :-)

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