Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nobody understands me!

On Friday, my little grandson, Eli called me and said this:
I pooped in the potty Gram!

It was very exciting news.

When the Handyman got home from work, I told him about it.  I said  Eli pooped in the potty today. But the Handyman did not here 'Eli'....  he heard "I", and he looked at me and said:
And why do I care about this?

I was kind of annoyed because he usually gets all excited about his grand kids, so I took on an annoyed tone and said:
Because that's really exciting news!!  It's a big thing.

He still was looking at me  with a real funny  look on his face and said:
What is wrong with you?

I said:
NOTHING....what's wrong with you?  I thought you'd want to know.

Then it dawned on both of us and we got a big laugh out of that.

 Riding in our car, about to fall asleep. 
Let me tell you---his Gram was proud of him, even if his Grandad wasn't quite sure about the whole deal.
He's a sweet boy.

On Saturday, my son Mark called.  He asked what we had been doing,  I said:
Dad and I were in the Basque Parade today...we missed you guys.

But he heard:  
Dad and I were in the bathtub this morning...we missed you guys.

He was kind of creeped out for a moment.

I must mumble.  Or my whole family is hard of hearing.  THAT'S IT!!  It couldnt' be me.
Could it?

 Speaking of the Basque Parade, here are  a few 'behind the scenes' pictures.   Believe me,  you should be counting your lucky stars these are not pictures of the Bath Tub.  That would be sure to creep everybody out!!

 This  weekend was Basque Festival here in Winnemucca

Getting ready....

They put us behind the tractors... yep, it's a BIG TIME small town parade.
We were #9 in the lineup.

The Color Guard

Basque Dancers practicing before the parade

the crowds roar!!  and get their candy.

The building where I work

Just some cute Basque Babies.

I love the ethnic costumes.
I love the idea of a 'heritage'.
My family doesn't  relate or attach ourselves to any ethnic heritage.  I am jealous.
(we could have our pick tho....English, Irish, German,  and on the Handyman's side?  Italian, Swedish,  Yugoslavian,  British.   We are just Heinz 57, as they say)

I love the feet.

I will be back...with food!


bermudaonion said...

It was miscommunication week at your house! lol

Karen said...

Hearing aids for all the men in the Stone family for Christmas this year! LOL That is hilarious and good for Eli!!

MM said...

Tears are rolling down my face after reading this. I laughed so hard, my husband had to know what was so funny. I couldn't read to him without stopping to laugh all over again. Priceless!

Susan Lindquist said...

OMG! This morning's belly laugh ... too funny!

Brenda said...

LOL! Love it!! I was literally laughing out loud...

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