Monday, June 4, 2012

First day of Armchari BEA--THE INTERVIEW

I'm not really registered for Armchair BEA, but then....I'm not really a book blogger, (altho lots of times I do talk about books and I am passionate about them) nor am I a food blogger, (altho most of my posts are about food), I am just a blogger, one who is going to participate in  Armchair BEA...I did last year and had so much fun!!

Shhhh....don't tell, but I'm not registered yet.  I might get in trouble.  I'm not even sure if I have to...  I'll look into that, but for now:
DAY ONE of Armchair BEA,  I have questions to answer....for a self-interview, if you will.    I have to introduce myself to you.   On the official  Armchair BEA website there is a list of 10 questions, and they want us to choose at least 5. So, that is what I am doing...just  5.  (I was never an over achiever)

Question 1.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging?

My name is Debbie.  I am a wife, mother of four grown sons, a very young grandmother of 10...oops, I mean 9, and one on the way  (I just get so excited, I get ahead of myself).  I live in the high-desert of Nevada (that's the north part) and I love to read books, give dinner-parties, read books, cook, read books, bake, read books, garden a bit, read books in my garden,  eat cookies that I've made, as I lounge in my garden  reading a book, go for walks,  listen to audio books as I walk.
As you can tell, my interests are many and varied! 
Okay, I jest, but since we are all here for the same reason.....because we love books and are sad that we don't get to go to BEA,  I figured you'd understand if I mentioned how much I like to read books. 

I've been blogging since 2007, but I don't have a themed blog.  I am a little bit of this and a little bit of that. And that's okay with me.   I discovered blogging and used it as a forum with my friends for while, but  the blogging community, be it books or food, is interesting and supportive and you get to know people a bit.

Question 2.
Tell us one non-book-related thing that everyone reading your blog may not know about you.
This is non-book, but related to  (sorry I can't follow directions*)  I have an extensive book mark collection.  Like over 200 hundred.    Man, I bet my kids fight over that one when I die!!

Question 3.
If you could eat dinner with any author or character, who would it be and why?
Margaret Maron, the author
Deborah Knott, the character
I love those series of books.  In fact, it is raining outside right now and I wish I were home curled up with one!
Why?  Because I am in love with Margaret Maron of course!!  Seriously......the south, her south, beckons to me---minus the murders of course---but the talk, the food, the family connections, the stories...ahhhh, I love them.

Question 4
What are you currently reading, or what is your favorite book you have read so far in 2012?
I am trying to read John Irving's 'In One Person' but am having a hard time getting into it.  It's not the subject matter or storyline...and I've loved some of his other books, but this one is just hard.  And I've also had to interrupt the book for ones I had to get read for bookclubs I belong to, so that never helps.
My favorite so far this year?
Stephen King's   11-22-63!!   If you haven't read it, do so now.

Question 5
Have your reading tastes changed since you started blogging? How?
I don't think they have changed at all.  I've always  been a reader of many different genres.
OH WAIT---audio.  I never used to listen to audio, but once I started I discovered I love it.  I guess that would be a change in HOW I read, but not what I read.  I like everything.

And that concludes DAY ONE of Armchair BEA.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Now I'm off to check out some of these 360 other book bloggers  (I'm not kidding, that is how many who have linked on with Mr. Linky )  that couldn't make it to NYC and BEA either this year.  And I'm going to have a glass of wine while I read them all.  Maybe 2--this could take me quite awhile.


Lisa (Lisa's World of Books) said...

Welcome! Have fun this week!

Novels On The Run said...

Hey Debbie,

I think I just found an older blogger than myself. Nice to meet you:D

Very humorous answer to your questions. Laughter is the best medicine:D

Have a great day!


sadie607 said...

I take a few of the bookmarks haha. 200 where are they all I don't think I've ever seen your collection. I bet Emerson would love it.

The Housework Can Wait said...

LOL, good for you just playing along! I think the main perk of registering is then you're eligible for the sponsored giveaways...but with over 400 participants, I'm not holding my breath.

I have 11-22-63 on audio, but it's over 30 hours! Who has 30 hours? I should have thought this through more!

And I love that you have a huge bookmark collection. I only have a few bookmarks, but I don't use them because they're signed and want to keep them pretty. I use my husband's business cards to mark my place in books. I know, I'm backwards.

Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my Armchair BEA Intro!

Amanda Furman said...

An early congratulations for the grandbaby-in-waiting!
I like that your blog is eclectic, and isn't just a "book blog". Our lives are so varied, why not our blogs, too?!
Have a great Armchair BEA!

Karen said...

You need a couple hundred more bookmarks - one for every cookbook. Ha. Kayla is reading quite well - Cameo says she just will pick up a book and read it to herself. I'm going to make her a couple of bookmarks. Also, Kayla and I decided to be pen-pals... I wrote the first letter and mailed it today. Can't wait to get her letter!

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