Monday, June 11, 2012

Musing Monday and the Stephen King Project

Sometimes on Monday's I participate in  "Musing Mondays" hosted by  Miz B of  Should be Reading. When I read this mornings musing, it seemed like a good idea to blend two things together....I am way behind on posting about   11-22-63 by  Stephen King for the Stephen King project, and today's musing just happens to be:

What is the longest book you have ever read? How long did it take you to read it?

This year, I've read some long books:  Gone with the Wind,  IT, 11-22-63.  Two of those are SK books, so I'd have to say,  the longest book I have ever read was a Stephen King book.  The   SK's books that I mention  are both over 1100 pages and GWTW was  53 hours of audio  (for a book club).
If a book is good and keeps my interest, I can read a 1000+ book in about a week.
If I didn't care for the book, well,  at this point in my life, I just wouldn't read it.  I would give it a good 200 pages or so before I gave up on it tho.  There used to be a time I'd finish everything I had started, but now, as time grows short in my life,  (Yes, I'm LAUGHING!!!)  there are just too many books out there I want to read, so I don't force myself.

Sitting down with a big book when you have high expectations that it's gonna be good, is like a treat!!  A couple of  long summer afternoons in the hammock.  A lot of iced tea.  Your book.  There is nothing better.  
So without anymore meandering, my answer for Musing Mondays is:
I have read a few books between  1100 and 1400 pages, and it does not take me very long at all.

Now about that Stephen King project.....(oops!!  there are only  849 pages in  11-22-63,  I must have been thinking about The Stand, my favorite all time SK book.)

I loved it.

This is what I wrote in my Goodreads review:
I must agree with my friends and say it was one of the best books I've read in quite some time.
That's it.

I first saw the book on Christmas morning, when my daughter-in-law, Sadie, opened a gift from her husband, my son, Mark.   I hadn't even heard of it.  I was totally out of the loop!!   She loaned it to me in Feb and I read it in April.  Why did I wait so long?  I'm not sure, as it really was one of the best books I've read in quite some time.

The thing about SK is how varied and talented he is in his writing!  Sadie and I have discussed this a few times.  You MUST like character development tho.  He is so much more than his horror persona.
Yes, there was an element of Sci-fi  (not horror tho ),  in this book, but it was really interesting and thought provoking,  and...and...also, it's a love story.   Not a mushy, chick-lit  (no offense intended)  love story, but a Stephen King kind of love story, filled with great character development and great detail and tenderness and  suspense. oh...and what could be an altered future.
Truly if you have been putting off reading Stephen King--don't put  it off any longer.  This is the book for you.

If you had the chance to change the course of history, would you?
Would the consequences be worth it?

That's the great question of all time, and Stephen King writes about his take on it.  I happened to love it.

(as a postscript,  my middle son's girlfriend's dad was born on that day,  11-22-63.  I find that interesting. )
(on the day I was born?  NOTHING.  I just Googled it.)


Unknown said...

that's in my pile to read. good to know you liked it!

bermudaonion said...

I have no idea what the longest book I've read is. I still feel it necessary to finish everything I start, so I avoid big books.

Natalie~Coffee and a Book Chick said...

So excited you read 11/22/63 and loved it! You're right, Stephen King's writing is so varied. Even his work that isn't that "good" is still interesting enough to keep you reading through it, at least for me. I love how your daughter-in-law's name is Sadie, too! Perfect for the book!

I just started reading The Stand for's readalong (or as it's called the Standalong). I just got to Chapter 27 of my uncut version and love it! It is by far his most polished work that I've read so far.

Thanks for participating in The Project! Can't wait to read your other reviews this year!

Novroz said...

I am still waiting for this book to be sold here in paperback edition.

i have read nothing but good reviews on this

Donna Alexander said...

I love this book! One of my favourites!

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