Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A More Diverse Universe

Please SAVE THE DATE(S) for October 4th - 17th for A More Diverse Universe!  These are the weeks directly after Banned Books Week in the United States, which I think works nicely.  Hopefully, you can read a book that has been challenged during Banned Books Week and then write it up for review during A More Diverse Universe.
Here is how it works:
.   Read and review one book
  • Written by a person of color
  • During the first two weeks of October (October 4th-17th)
  • That's all!  SO EASY, right?  It's what you'd probably do, anyway, right?  It's basically the lowest bar for participation of any reading challenge you've ever participated in, right?  In which case, there's really no excuse to not sign up, right?
    Right!  So sign up here:
    As she says:
    Reading diversely is important because we live in a global world.  Period.  If you read books only by white authors, you are limiting yourself to less than 30% of the world's experience of race and culture.  If you read books only by Christian authors, you are limiting yourself to only about 33% of the world's experience of religion.  If you read books only by authors in developed countries, you are limiting yourself to a very privileged view of what the world has to offer you.  If you read books that focus only on Western thought, history, and philosophy, you are missing out on many rich and varied traditions and worldviews that have informed and continue to enrich the way we view the world today. 
    GO FOR IT!  I DID!


    bermudaonion said...

    This is such an important challenge!

    Tina said...

    You are industrious and I say go for it! I will not be joining you as I am totally addicted to my Inspector Banks series. Let me get through those first.

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