Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Outdoor Wednesday

Outdoor Wednesday is hosted by a Southern Daydreamer.

We have a cabin in the woods.

When I say that, I always sing this song in my head:

My mom used to sing that song in the car on long car trips.  My parents were big singers in the car.  My brother and I loved it.
When I grew up and got married, I just figured that the Handyman would sing along with me to/and with our children on long car trips.

I figured wrong.

Let me get back on track....
We have a cabin, which  used to be in the woods (when my granddad bought it in 1960), but now it's in a woodsy neighborhood in a State Park in Oregon.
I have spent a month in the summer there since I was just a toddler.
As I grew older, got jobs, got married, moved further away, that month has dwindled to a week or a long weekend a couple times a year, BUT, as we approach retirement, that month could turn into more!  6 weeks at a time even!
We can't wait to get older!!

This Outdoor Wednesday post is just some photos of us at our cabin in July, the Handyman staining the deck and our grandchildren playing in the river in the backyard.

We don't usually feed the deer, but everyone has to do it once in their lives right?

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bermudaonion said...

That looks like a lovely place to spend some retirement days reading.

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