Thursday, June 18, 2015

Booking Through Thursday

BOOKING THROUGH THURSDAY is a weekly bookish meme about (mostly) books and reading. Each week there is a new question to answer. This week’s question is about ‘Vacation’.

When you travel, do you bring one book with you? Or a pile of them?
And, is that pile still a load of paper to lug around? Or do you use an e-book reader like a Kindle or your iPad to help carry the load? (Because, even if you prefer paper, it can get heavy when you’re traveling!)

Well, if you really want to know.....
we drive a lot.  I don't mind driving, or riding, as the case may be, and I'm able to read in the car.  I'm lucky that way.  So when we travel, I take the book I'm reading, the one I want to read next, and a spare just in case.  You are safe to assume these are paper books. 
 It's just who I am. 
 I am not  opposed to e-books on Kindle's or iPads, but I am just more 'at home' with a paper book in my hand.  It does tend to get very heavy  tho.
Now, back to my travels.  Besides the 3 books I take, I know I 'll be going to a book store while on vacation, and I made a solemn vow once to never leave a bookstore empty handed, so--you got it--I come back with MORE paper books than I left with. Always.
In addition, I take a bag filled with a few cookbooks from my collection, to peruse while driving (and I mark lots of recipes with sticky notes to try sometime---tons of sticky notes, not enough time)
So, yes, I am lugging around heavy, shoulder hurting bags of books on my vacation.  But only if we drive.  If we fly, that's another story.

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bermudaonion said...

Oh how I wish I could read in the car. I always take way too many books too. I guess that means we're optimists.

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