Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Monday (night) and this is what I'm reading! MISERY!

Today is June 1st, and that marks the start of
Stephen King's "Misery"  read-a-long
Hosted by  Care at 
Check out her  Kick-off post!

I am in!
For the Merry Merry Month of June!
It'll be Uncle Stevie for me! 

A couple of years ago, I signed up for  The Stephen King Project hosted by

Sadly, I never finished it.
BUT--- I did write THIS POST about it. 
And how I was in love with SK, etc etc etc.
Here is an excerpt:
 Long  before I fell in love with him,  he and I were just friends.  I liked him fine, enjoyed a couple of his books, never thought of him much.  Then, I saw him and his wife, Tabitha on a BookTV special once  (roll your eyes if you've heard this before---my kids do, and I'm certain I've mentioned it on my blog before), where I heard him use the word 'lover' while talking about his wife.

NOW... aren't you intrigued? 
Don't you want to go read my original post? 

Here it is 9:04pm and I've just gotten home from work and a board meeting, and finally, FINALLY, I get to sit down and open... 
...THIS BOOK!!! 

I think you still have time to join if you'd like.
It's a real simple read along.
Mostly by Tweets on Twitter
(which is scaring me!  I don't really get Twitter and I feel as if I just blurt out random dorkiness at inappropriate times)
I have Twitter Tourettes!
(no disrespect to people with tourette syndrome)
I will forge my way along the Twitter Highway this month, and hopefully not make a fool of myself and  be known as --that crazy old lady!
or the crazy nice lady --forget old.

Okay then.

In closing...
Which cover do you like best?
Which is the creepiest?


bermudaonion said...

I need to try a read-a-long sometime but I have a feeling this one's too scary for me.

Care said...

YAY! Yes, Twitter can be nuts. Just look for a #miseryRAL tweet and reply whatever zaniness you want to. You can also check instagram for any #miseryRAL hashtags, too. It really can be like blurting randomly but with the hashtag, somebody will likely respond. :D

Oh, and another Yes: take any time you want to read the book. I have yet to start. Still need to finish Heart of Darkness!

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