Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boundary Waters

From Goodreads:
The Quetico-Superior Wilderness: more than two million acres of forest, white-water rapids, and uncharted islands on the Canadian/American border. Somewhere in the heart of this unforgiving territory, a young woman named Shiloh -- a country-western singer at the height of her fame -- has disappeared.

Her father arrives in Aurora, Minnesota, to hire former sheriff Cork O'Connor to find his daughter, and Cork joins a search party that includes an ex-con, two FBI agents, and a ten-year-old boy. Others are on Shiloh's trail as well -- men hired not just to find her, but to kill her.

As the expedition ventures deeper into the wilderness, strangers descend on Aurora, threatening to spill blood on the town's snowy streets. Meanwhile, out on the Boundary Waters, winter falls hard. Cork's team of searchers loses contact with civilization, and like the brutal winds of a Minnesota blizzard, death -- violent and sudden -- stalks them
From Me:
3.5 stars.
I love to find a series with characters I can watch develop and  grow, and although this is only the 2nd book in the series by William Kent Krueger, I think I will enjoy reading them  till he can't write any more
   (which hopefully is never)
about Cork O'Conner, his family, the townspeople and the fictional town of  Aurora, Minnesota.
I assume that sometimes a writer grows tired of a character or just can't  think of another good plot.  But I hope this doesn't happen for a long, long time for Krueger.
We all know that in a series, the main character comes out okay at the end, so it's the journey there that keeps our attention.  I feel Krueger does a good job of that in this set of books.
I love the feel of being in Northern Minnesota.  He does a good job with the setting, making sure we know little details about the place as well as the smaller characters in the book.
I am enjoying them.

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bermudaonion said...

I've only read one book by Krueger but it wasn't part of this series. I bought the first Cork O'Conner book but haven't read it yet. I know that surprises you. ;)

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