Thursday, March 13, 2008

and a quick answer

And a very quick answer.... LOL

from Meghan:
at first I thought you meant in the house but now I realize you mean on the person? I know bacon always lingers a long time here...and if the kids have maple syrup you can smell it for hours on them. Whenever I sauté a lot of onions our house reeks of it for our rooms everywhere. I notice when I go to Mexican food I retain the odor of the food/restaurant until I shower... and I heard from someone if you go to the new fondue restaurant in town wear something old as you reek of the oils used...which makes sense...
I will be back, off to make bacon and eggs!! with sourdough for dipping...

from Jolina:
Syrup and bacon I notice.
Actually, if more people ate something with syrup before coming to church, that might be an improvement over some of those I've smelled in church.

Garlic lingers too. Whenever I cook potato soup, or spaghetti, I can smell it in my basement stairwell.

from Traci:
I remember one time I cooked bacon(I still fry it not nuke it) and when I got to work Lisa told me I smelled like maple, well my bacon was maple smoked!! hahaha So no more cooked breakfasts for me.

from Theresa:
Yes... like your house can smell like bacon & eggs for hours! What's up with that?

from Sadie:
Yes it really does. like sausage and bacon. We love it but when we cook it in the apartment it takes forever for it to go away

from Theda:
Do you worry that they linger on you so that while you are at church
people can smell what you just ate???? I think it all has to do with
being hungry.

from Barb B:

from Shelly:
I guess I don't get why that is a concern to you when you go to church...

from me/debbie:
that's the only time I actually COOK a breakfast. You think I cook on weekday mornings? ahahahhahaahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahaahhahahaahaahahahhahahaaa!!!!
yeah... I worry that I smell like bacon grease or pancake batter. (because pancakes and waffles have a smell too)
not that any of these are bad, but I'd rather smell nice.
Not like stale food.
And onions ---I love the smell of cooked onions, as I'm eating them, but not the next morning when Debbie Engstrom comes to coffee --- and I have to explain my onion smell. Or my garlic smell, Or in my case my husband's beef jerky smell.

PS since Barb's bad back episode, she is a one word answerer..... (sigh). I miss her.

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