Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Names and Faces

Face to names....it's always nice to put names to faces.
Of course, you'll only remember it's Susie. (cuz there are too many kids in this picture to remember...)
Susie, the Godmother of my children. She's the adult in the picture.
She "chimes in" once in a while. :~)

We used to live next door to Tom and Susie BK (before kids). Just like Lucy and Ricky and Ethel and Fred. then they had little Ricky (Ryan). LOL
there was a lot of popping in and out of each other's duplexes---just like in "I love Lucy".
I had to help Susie save the life of a field mouse once.... (she is kind-hearted)......we set it free. (and then it came back and she accidentally sucked it up in her vacuum. It was the water kind of vacuum, so you could see the poor little traumatized mouse fighting for his life....SORRY Susie. LOL LOL She is much more kind hearted than me. ) but us saving his life the first time? Very Lucy and Ethel-ish.
You should have seen us.

(and to keep things straight. It's not Tom now, it's Kelly. And I never lived next door to Kelly. :~)

Susie and her grandchildren
Aleah, Makayden, Jakob, Paige and Colby

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