Thursday, March 13, 2008

Men (sigh)

I will begin and end with the longest two answers.
(I know I'm sending answers and notes fast today, but I am going to have to take my computer in this afternoon for a check up)

from Gina:
Oh my gosh Debbie.......I'm howling!!! That is so funny. I can completely relate. What's really funny is Mark's sister calls him McGuyver because he's always rigging something up!!! Why do men always assume that we WANT to help lift and fix things? Many times I have said "let me call some of the guys to come and help". The answer is always no, you and I can get it. Last Sunday, he asked me to help him saw in half one of our fence panels as we have to move the fence now to accommodate the garage. He hands me a piece of wood and tells me to "push" the panel against the saw blade as he feeds it through. He doesn't tell me how hard to push, just push. So I'm pushing and also day dreaming a little too when next thing I know he's yelling "STOP PUSHING SO HARD, LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING". Well, I'm no longer day dreaming as I'm royally ticked off. I (this is pretty good for me and my temper) calmly put the stick on the table and walked out. But, I was steaming. I didn't talk to him the rest of the evening. They really should call the men friends for help!!! Too funny.

hahahahaah... THIS IS IT EXACTLY. They ask us to do something we've never done and expect us to understand what we are doing. Same thing with me last night...I had no idea why we were using the dumpster, or what for. And then after I moved the truck and ran back to help him, he said "hold it". HOLD IT WHERE??? I'm not a guy, I don't understand "hold it" on a 500 lb compressor we are trying to "ease" to the ground.
(he still says it's only a bit over 100, but I beg to differ.) LOL

and why do they "assume" we will/want to/ should help them? Do we ever ask them to "come stir this sauce?"
okay, that sounded very very sexist. But my point is, that we will use our friends to help us with "like" stuff and not expect someone who doesn't know anything about it to help us out.

I just asked Rich this question when I took him some lunch.
He said.... "we want to involve you in more than our sex lives" :~) (and he was saying this with a straight face )

from Traci:
It makes him feel MAN-ly, this way he can tell all his friends how HE and HE alone unload this big freaking piece of equipment (it will weight 500 lbs for sure then) by himself. By the way all you did was drive the truck forward a little bit!

from Shelly:
I KNEW THIS IS WHERE THIS WAS GOING!!! I think we all have similar stories...with us it's the big-screen TV, hot tub, other things, I'm sure...I'm ready to call our friends so it would only take a few minutes. But, NO-O-O-O-O!! Do they thrive on all the arguing that happens during these times?

from me/debbie:
April said she forwarded it to Doug...Shelly is also going to forward to Lorin.
I'll keep you informed of what they have to say.

from Carolyn:
Your husband is soooooooo male typical. Isn't it amazing how things seem to happen as soon as we suggest asking for help?

from Jolina:
you are so funny - I love reading your stories.

WTF I love that

but you got Chinese food for all your troubles. And you didn't have to ask anyone for help. I'll bet Rich is just pleased as punch about it all! All puffed up.

from me/debbie:
well, there is that. I did get Chinese Food. But just imagine if you will.... Rich contemplating "me" and poking a chopstick in my direction telling me...ME, that I'm a pessimist!!

from Barbara B:
Just think----you could have pulled something in your back just like me....................!

from me/debbie:
Believe me.... I thought I would be crushed beneath it, and all my friends would FINALLY get together at my funeral. Forget FF reunion. My funeral will be it.
(at least you get to hear Gina and Lisa sing...)

oh...and Lorin, Shelly's husband, who I was going to call last night to help?
He says:
Good job Rich - sounds just like what I would have done – keep up the good work


Is Lorin the spokesperson for all men?
and we will end with the other longest note on this subject. From Rich's very own Aunt Darleen, LOL. Who is the voice of all women. :~)
( I can't help it....I have to laugh Darleen)

from Darleen:
Rich is a MAN. You KNOW they ALWAYS know WHAT to do, and HOW to do it. It is amazing you didn't spend the rest of the night at the ER while they tried to figure out HOW IN THE HELL Rich got a HERNIA!! I have learned one thing in life, MEN ARE STUPID, MEN ARE JACKASSES, AND MEN ARE PREDICTABLE AS HELL. I WOULD have been PISSED to beat the band, I have been PISSED in the past, and I am sure Marv will continue to do asinine things to drive me nuts.

One of the times that I was absolutely livid with Marv was when we were over at your FAVORITE MOTHER-IN-LAW'S and Marv decides to go on the roof of the house to remove pine needles so Phil's roof wouldn't rot. (they eventually removed the tree) Cherrie and Mike were there and EVERYONE BUT ME knew Marv was on the roof, and they all told him I would KILL him if I caught him. I went outside in the front yard and happened to look up and THERE HE WAS, JUST HAPPY AS A JUNK YARD DOG, (he was doing chemo and radiation at the time).
I swear I could have just killed him then and there. Needless to say, he STILL does really stupid things, but the roof thing really scared me half to death. He was near death in his health, and all that physical activity really hurt him. Even the morphine couldn't help him for days. WHY do men think they have to be so damn MACHO? I do agree with one of the sayings you wrote....THREE WISE MEN????? I imagine back then WOMEN weren't allowed to think and didn't know the difference!!
Just wait until RICH RETIRES and you have him 24/7. WHATEVER YOU DO, MAKE SURE HE HAS A HOBBY, OR BETTER YET, LOTS OF HOBBIES, OR ELSE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A JOB AND ARE OUT OF THE HOUSE. I swear if Marv moves one more thing in the kitchen, or pantry, or does ONE MORE THING TO MY COMPUTER, he will wish he was BACK ON TERESA'S ROOF...

Auntie Darleen and Uncle Jackass Marv

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