Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fish story

I've thought about this, but in the winter it gets to be VERY COLD in my garage.

from Traci:
We all love the smell when they are cooking, it's the 'leftover' smells we don't like. I know a few women here in town that actually have 'second' kitchens in the garage to cook the smelly foods out there.

Working stoves, etc. in the garage. They will cook fish and stuff like that outside then do the rest in the house.

I've told you all my fish story before.... when we lived next to Debbie Engstrom, I fixed fish on Friday. the next night there was a jr high "lock in" at church. Luke went.
When Debbie arrived to drop off her kids, Luke's coat was sitting outside. OUTSIDE the church door. The Youth Group Leader told her that "the Stone's must have left Luke's coat in the boat all winter."
She said...."they don't have a boat."

Some friend. :~)

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