Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Telephone

This is too funny!!!
Since we were talking about telephone numbers last week.... then this appeared in the newspaper on Sunday.
The print is probably too small to read.... I'll tell you all the good stuff this article says (tomorrow), but BOY DON'T WE HAVE TIMELY conversations? LOL LOL

from Linda:
Oh yes, I had a friend that was also a telephone operator and she used to
say, "Bumble Bees" instead of "number please", just to see if anyone way
paying attention.

ahahhahaa.... bumble bees!!! hahahaha

In Enterprise, we didn't have words with our numbers. I remember that
your dad got Grandmother and Grandfather their first phone. Mike was in
high school and wanted to talk to your mom, so he paid to have the phone
installed at our house. Our first phone number was 2461. I wonder if
your mom our dad remember what the number was.

I also remember when your mom was a telephone operator. I lived in Walla
2 and I called a guy in Enterprise. Your mom got the call and told
Grandmother. I got in so much trouble. My choice in men. even way back
then, wasn't good. I shouldn't have had anything to do with him and your
mom knew it. I should have thanked her instead of throwing a fit. I
don't remember that part, but I was prone to fits when things didn't go my

from Laura:
I remember when you only needed the 3 and then the # to dial people in Wmca. I had kind of forgotten that. When we lived there, about 28 years ago…that was all I needed to make a call.

I'm still laughing over Bumble bees...... :~)

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