Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Compressor

Last evening Rich and I drove to Lovelock to pick up a new compressor for the shop. He bought it from the traveling tool show, that was here in Winnemucca for the last three days, but they didn't have the compressor here. They shipped a few for the Lovelock Traveling tool show. They called him yesterday afternoon and told him they had one.
Lovelock is 70 miles from here. I told him I would drive over with him. we left at about 5:20. They tool show closed at 7:00.
We made it to Lovelock in record time. The compressor was sitting there waiting for us. It was bolted to a pallet. We forgot to take our canopy off the truck before leaving Winnemucca. It took 3 Tool guys and Rich to get it into our truck and then they had to prop it up with all kinds of empty cardboard boxes, because it couldn't lay flat, or the oil would drain. (it is brand new, but they put brand new oil in it too ???)
It really shouldn't sit like this for more than 24 hours, they tell us.
Okay---Rich wants to forgo pizza at the Pizza Factory in Lovelock, and drive back home fast to unload this thing.
That's fine with me.... so we drive. Well, he drives, I read, until there is no more light. About ten miles out of town, I pick up my cell phone.
Rich says, who're you calling?
I say, um, Doug Cain, Larry Storm, Lorin Noble... to see if they can meet us at the Cleaners to help unload this thing.

GUESS WHAT HE SAYS? .................

"why don't you just hold off on that. I think we can do this."

FRACK!!! He's such a guy.
I'm sure it weighs 500 pounds!! (he says just a bit over 100, but I don't think so)
So, I stew... I mean, I'm not a lifter of heavy stuff anyway... this is bone crushing thing!!!!
Why can't he just ask his friends?????

He then says... "I think I've figured out how to unload it using my dumpster."
WHAT??? (and he sounds so excited and happy at the thought of McGyvering it.)

The whole time, I'm thinking......why, WHY, can't he just call his friends. He'll get mad at me for not being able to hold the weight and it will fall, and maybe I'll be underneath it.
WTF? Why am I standing for this?????

By this time we are in town, and pulling behind the cleaners.
He backs up to the dumpster. I want to cry. He's excited. I mean, REALLY, he's so cute, like a little kid.

I do not have the time or the terminology or the writing technique to explain how we got the frigging thing out of the truck (with canopy and piles of cardboard), onto the dumpster (with top down/closed) and then me pulling the truck away (half the compressor was still in the truck and half on the dumpster w/lid) and then I had to run back and we lowered the thing to the ground. This 500 lb thing!!!! (or less, according to him).
Then he was able to get a hand truck/dolly and we maneuvered it into the back room of the cleaners.
All with just a "tad bit" of melodrama with me yelling, my arm is stuck, my arm is stuck, and he swearing.
But all in all, it didn't take that long.
He "McGyver-ed" it very well.

Then over Chinese food, he tells me I'm a pessimist.
(he KNEW we could do it.)
(he doesn't know, I didn't want to do it. LOL)

Men, (sigh)
Love, Debbie

If the world were a logical place, men would ride side saddle. ~Rita Mae Brown

Three wise men - are you serious? ~Author Unknown

What's with you men? Would hair stop growing on your chest if you asked directions somewhere? ~Erma Bombeck

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