Wednesday, July 9, 2008

50th wedding anniversary

Happy Wednesday!!
I was off on Monday...traveling back from up north, so Tuesday was a hard day at work (you know how it is when you have to play catch up) and today....well, it just flew by.

We had a great "anniversary" weekend. My parents were surprised to have Luke arrive with Mark and Sadie on Friday night, although Rich had spilled the beans about Camron earlier in the week.

I think that "a good time was had by all" at the open house. There were so many people, that it got a little crazy.... I thought "open house" we can just sit and visit. Well, none of us sat at all...and I'm not even sure what we were doing. Just busy, busy, busy.
The toast and roasts got kind of would have been very hard to get everyone to listen for any length of time.
We had people scattered on side lawns, front lawns, back lawns, patios, driveways, inside, all over the place!!!
My blog slideshow is some of the pictures we took over the weekend.
Not too many of the actual party, because I am waiting for disks from "everyone else"
As I said above, I think everyone had a good time. My parents and Betty and Jim were pleased. There is so much family history there, long, long time friends.....almost a century. NOT to say that my parents and Jim and Betty are a century old. LOL LOL
But...their parents were friends too.

We had balloons, custom made guest books, flowers on the tables, confetti, "gold" Hershey Kisses in champagne glasses on the tables (which melted fast....LOL), a basket/box thing for cards....oh, and a rented outhouse because we had so many people!!! LOL
And food, hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans, fruit, chips and cake.
Two kinds of anniversary cake....carrot and chocolate...and a lemon cake made by Betty because of a slight emergency.

The driver of the delivery truck set his hand on the box of the chocolate cake while getting out of the truck and smashed about 1/3 of the cake..... so Betty made a lemon cake at the last minute. (LOVE lemon cake)
all the cakes were good tho.

I will, of course, write more about it during the week.
For now, you can check out my slideshow on my blog.

and still wonder about the stalled tram. :~)

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