Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soup's on

Just a quick explination of the slide show...
every year in January...the coldest, dreariest month of the year, I have a "soup supper". I've thrown the soup suppers for the past 8 years. It's very casual, we have throw-away bowls. And I ask EVERYONE else to bring a soup. And we have a "tasting". It's gotten to be quite a competition--a friendly one. And then, at the end of the evening, after our stomachs are full of soup and bread (a couple people always bring homemade breads) and dessert (I do the dessert)... I make everyone play a game. Usualy it's "Battle of the Sexes" with the men against the women. This year, the men won. Who knew, that my husband knew what an "empire waist" was?

But the fun is in the soup...and over the years, I've collected all the soup recipes and I have a cookbook of them. Of course I have to add to the cookbook every year. There is always some great soups! And great friends .... Friday Friends.
So, when the holidays are over, the snow is deep and the temperature is down, come on over and we'll try some soups!


Southern Plate said...

You have two things waiting for you at this address..

Be sure to scroll down until you get both of them!!!

KitchenGirl said...

yum yummy... I think this is such a GREAT idea :)

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