Saturday, July 12, 2008

Thanks Nigella

I was watching Nigella Feasts this morning. You know at the end, how she gets a "midnight" snack? It's her signature spot...that midnight snack.
Well today she got a piece of fried pork fat!!

It made a nice crisp crunch when she bit into it. It came from the fridge which got me to thinking...YUCK cold fat is gross! Not that hot fat is all that "un" gross, but a little bit of fat makes for good flavor, we all know that.

I guess, tho, that her fried pork fat is in essence just a home-made pork rind.

So...what do you think of fried pork fat?
Hot maybe....cold NEVER. For me that is.
What do you think of pork rinds?
Once in a great, great while, for me.
But of course, now I'm hungry for them.

Thanks Nigella!

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