Monday, July 14, 2008

yard work

I chanaged my slide show! As you can see, I have mostly pics of Rich and I trimming trees on Friday night. Trees and bushes. I think I still need to trim the tree in the front, in fact, the next morning I went and took out a couple more of the lower branches. It scares Rich. But interestingly, pruning the heck out of the back yard "does not" scare him. We really needed to get some of that over-growth out. I was busy snapping pictures when all of the sudden he said, "It would be nice if somebody could help me by pulling these branches out". This said when he was underneath the Snowball bush, pruning away. I have to say, I did look around a bit for that "somebody" to help him.
But there was only poor old Monroe and the elusive cat, Izzy, so I had to put down my camera and actually go drag branches and do some pruning of the lilac bushes. We took down two big branches off the Poplar tree on the hill. I have a before picture, but didn't take an "after" It looks a lot nicer, but at first, it started me. It's so OPEN. My book reading/secret garden corner. You can see out tree branches hiding the view.
Because I am a novice at this, I had stuck in the middle of my yard work....two pictures of my fruit. There was a Farmers Market Thursday night at our "Kruise Night" and he had some great fruit. Nothing I love more than a good Farmer's Market!! And my pics of lunch on Friday...with embarrassed friends trying to hide/look away from the camera. (sigh) little do they know......
I will end with "yard work"..... we finished the weekend off with the weeding of the side yards and the rock garden.
Then we just sat there. It was wonderful.

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I love your favorite quotes!!! Thank you for visiting my blog, yours is great!!! I'm adding you to my fave blog links now!

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