Monday, July 21, 2008

lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

I finally gave Rich his new hammock. I thought it looked to "girly" when I got it, and at the same time, he mentioned "Cabella's", but what's done is done... and it looks good up there on our little hill. A place for me to lie and read my cookbooks! That must be why it's more "girly" than our last hammock.

Last night the wind blew....and our tree broke. Not the hammock tree tho. It makes me sad, as I try so hard to have a little bit of gardeny, forresty, greenery surprise, here in the high desert of Nevada.
It's hard to make out in my rudementry picutres, but the first one is looking at my tree and the broken limb. I don't know if you can tell, but half that tree is gone!
The second one is just a different angle...same tree.
(and just last week, we did all that trimming and pruning LOL )

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sadie607 said...

Sad poor little broken tree.

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