Tuesday, July 8, 2008

While I love my Friday Friends

While i do love my Friday Friends, and they in turn LOVE to read my blogs, they aren't much for making comments. It saddens me greatly.
So... I am thinking....about....changing to a "foodie" blog.
What do you think, oh dear Friday Friends?
I like to cook, I like to eat. I like to read, I like to read about cooking. And eating. and I like to eat while I'm reading.
So....how can I go wrong?
Food blog. There is a whole world of them out there.
I am checking into one right now (or tonight) , where you are on a "food blog roll". But your blog has to be 80% about food and cooking and recipes or they won't take you in.
I am doing it...tonight.

So...what's for dinner?
Me? Clam Linguini and salad

perhaps I better learn how to spell too.....my FF's (except for Barb) have been linient about my spelling mistakes, but I will now have to face strangers...who most likely know how to write linguini.

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Jolina said...

Dinner tonight is supposed to be pastaschuta - macaretti - not sure what everyone calls it. Spaghetti (red sauce) with shells all mixed together. But it's Weight Watcher's and my girls go with Grandma to have dinner, so it'll probably be some type of fast food, or salad left-overs.

Really uptown, this blogging!

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