Wednesday, July 16, 2008

this is a strange post

This might seem like a strange post in a food blog, so let me explain myself.
My blog's name is the Friday Friends. About 8 or 9 years ago...on a Friday, I sent out a note to all my friends near and far (West Coast mainly, but I have a Pennsylvania friend in there too) asking them "what's for dinner", as I was looking for something exciting and different to make that night. (or maybe just didn't want to do the thinking myself. Love to use someone else's ideas.... and that's why I'm so excited to find the world of food bloggers!)
Most of them answered, so I took their answers...did some cutting and pasting...and resent my first "blog". (only I didn't know what it was called back then).
It was about food...about dinner, or supper, depending on where you are from.
That's how it began. Then I started using these "friends" for my on-line journaling. They all got copies of my "blog" about once a week...(sometimes once a day ) and they answered and I asked questions, and it grew and grew.
So, here I am 9 years later, FINALLY discovering that there are real live "Food Bloggers" out there. (I never said I wasn't slow. LOL )
But I cannot leave the original "co-authors" of my blog... the original Friday Friends. So, every once in a while I will quote them.
And to be fair, some of them (Meghan, Linda, Theda, Debbie E) are much better cooks than I am....but they're not as good of bloggers as I am!

for example....this just in from Theda:
Tonight - No "Blog" or "how to" .... just spare ribs, potato salad and corn on the cob. Last month I bought a wood chip holder and some hickory wood chips. So I will cook them slow on the grill with the wood chips.

me/debbie/againshe doesn't do blogs. But she is a GREAT ENTERTAINER and cook. So, I will be her voice. Once in awhile. Or in other words, I will be stealing ideas from my great Friday Friend cooks!!! (who are all either related to me, or old, old friends) blog post for the day is:

Okay... I/we talk waaayyy too much about food.

random comments from the Friday Friends that have to do with food.
(completely out of context and RANDOM)
from the past 2 weeks....

From Traci:
bbq'd hamburgers sound good too. Maybe Sunday night!

Rich is so good to you. If I didn't want to cook Larry would be looking at me like, what the hell is your problem! Then he would want to know what was left in the frig. as leftovers....etc. By that time I just get up and fix it for him! The man is spoiled!!! But then again he doesn't cook either.

Rest of the tuna! It was either that or pb&J. ;)
I have a pork roast in the crockpot for dinner.
Just plain lemon pie for me.
I have been craving a big piece of chocolate cake at night. A big thick moist square of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Larry keeps telling me to make one and I won't because I'll eat the whole darn thing. I just want a piece to magically appear around 8:00 at night! :)
Larry wants apple and I will make a lemon one too. I'm talking holidays here, I hardly ever make pies any other time of the year unless I get fresh fruit.
I think Ryan would go for that too. I always make an extra pumpkin during the holidays for him to take home. Lauren wants chocolate and Ryan pumpkin! :)
Cherrie pie was my favorite for years. I used to ask my Mom for a cherry pie on my birthday instead of a cake!
We used to go pick; green beans, tomatoes, cherries, peaches & apricots. I would love the fruit now, not that I would make my own jelly like my Mom did but I might freeze them to make pies.
I know they have good wine and I love their cheese cakes!

to be fair....Traci and I e-mail each other's not like she makes "more" food comments than the rest of you per e-mail. hahahaahahaa!!

from Theda:
Bought 5 plus 3 German sausages.
S'mores........ I have been wanting them for one month. We won't go camping until the end of the month. I love roasted marshmallows.

I was getting hungry and felt the need for a full meal. I checked in with Sarah and we decided to meet at Poor Richards, (a Portland restaurant since 1959 ) at 6 pm. You get a full meal deal, soup or salad, garlic bread, meal with potato and vegetable and then ice cream with or without Hershey's chocolate syrup. The sign at our table said on Tuesday's the house wine can be purchased for $1.00. I bet tomorrow night will be busy, LOL.

from Meghan, (context,)
yeah Devin will try most everything and likes a lot of good stuff.... Nate is not as adventurous, he eats well as he likes a lot of meats, veggies and sides, just no combo 'weird' items... except potstickers?
I will eat...a GYRO, or two...fried artichoke hearts... tri tip sandwich.... garlic fries.... funnel cake...candy apple.... to name a few

from Diana:
Dessert- 1. cake, pie, fruit, pudding, ice cream, etc., served as the final course of a meal.2. British. a serving of fresh fruit after the main course of a meal.

I do not take the first piece of bread from a store bought loaf, but if it homemade I will. Also will always eat the first piece of bread from sourdough, French, or most bakery bread.

from Barb B:
Don't eat bread and potatoes at the same meal. (I was getting a little chunky in 6th grade, so this was her answer to the problem).Actually, my mom didn't give advice. She ruled like a dictator, so rather than advice, it was "THE RULE"----she ruled us with fear!

from Lisa:
not me sorry. We had beef stroganoff....

from Theda (on a post card from two days ago):
Having dinner at the Plank House at the Mill Casino. I ordered the paella...sure hope it will be yummy. If I win any $$$, I am buying a paella pan. Wish me luck!

from Theda today, (after having read "first draft" of blog post):
The Paella was okay but nothing to write about. Did not win any money but today while mowing the yard I decided a great way to get my Paella pan. Our anniversary is coming up so I will buy one for John and cook him a great meal. He would rather eat at home than out, so this should be the perfect gift.

okay....Happy Eating everyone!

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