Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best Little Pizza Parlor in Winnemucca

While surfing blogs today, I came across a new one...(for me), called "Deglaze Me."

I just loved the name...and the blog too.
Last Saturday Christina Kim, wrote a post about the best pizza in Boston.
Boston is about as far from Winnemucca, Nevada as the moon, or so it seems sometimes.
Heck, we're in rural Northern Nevada, sometimes Reno seems far away.... and Las Vegas? Where is that?
But Christina of Deglaze Me, made pizza at her favorite Boston joint, sound so good, I felt I had to do the same for Winnemucca. We understand we are not New York or Chicago pizza...the famous pizza places of the U.S., but..... really, this is gooo-oood pizza!

(the name Winnemucca, alone, should be as popular as Boston)

A few weeks ago, my friends and I had lunch at the Winnemucca Pizzeria and I just happened to take a few pictures.
The pizza is actually REALLY GOOD! Until about a year ago, we had been doomed to a few "chain" pizza places, but then, last winter, a local woman opened up the pizzeria and we were introduced to "made to order" pizzas!! This was something new to us.... I mean, Wal-mart is new to made-to-order pizzas? WOW! And good tasting too? Wow!

A disclaimer: I love Winnemucca and we are really not as backwards as I'm making it sound. True, the only chain "shopping" we have is Wal-mart, but we have lots of nice locally owned stores and boutiques, and Reno is only a couple of hours away. We like it like that, as we can have our rural life, but city life is not far away.
It's the best of both worlds!
It's a great little town.

I would suggest, if you are ever in Winnemucca and needed a good meal, to try out the Pizzeria. It's good!!

Check out those mountains!!!
Winnemucca Pizzeria.

I had the brushetta appetizer pizza.... OH MY GOSH, it was good.

the Paradise Valley ( a ghost town/farming community 40 miles to the north)
with sun-dried tomatoes and basil and pine nuts. Love those pine nuts.....and yes, they are from a pine-cone. A certain type of pine-cone. Are pine-nuts readily available on the East Coast?
Does anybody remember Euel Gibbons? He ate pine-cones.

This is a great vegetarian pizza.

My friends, showcasing the "Screaming Chicken" pizza. Funny friends, nice hands. (they put up with me...either that, or they are smart alecs!! It was their idea to do the showcasing.)
It's great!! The pizza that is, not the fact that my friends put up with me...although, that is too.

Friends getting ready to leave the table... caught them off-guard.

A few pics of inside the pizzeria. My favorite pizza parlor in town.


Netts Nook said...

When I was a small child I remember going pine cone and pine nut hunting between Winnemucca and Reno. Wow the pizza looks great.

Karen said...

That pizza sounds good... the crust looks perfect!

Jolina said...

You should send this to Guy Fieri (sp?)so he can come visit us. I think he would be intrigued by the name Winnemuca alone.

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brian said...

Excellent salads and panini sandwiches as well.

brian said...

Excellent salads and panini sandwiches as well.

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Anonymous said...

We're making a cross country drive along I-80 next month & we've listed Winnemuca as one of our stops along the way. I was looking for a good place to eat (no McDonalds or Dennys) & found this post. We're definitely going to stop by Winnemuca Pizza. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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