Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's Outside Your Kitchen Window

It's a dark and gloomy day here in Winnemucca, NV, so I took a picture and sent it to My Friday Friends. I challenged them to send me what was outside their kitchen windows today.

Winter is hard on our lawns here in Northern Nevada....of which we have a lazy old Basset Hound.
Spring is unpredictable, it can be "winter" one day and "summer" the next, so we have no "pretty" time like some places. Okay, let me make that a little bit more clear.... our spring is very different than others. We live in the High Desert of Nevada, even on good days our "pretty" is different than yours and Spring is not our best time of the year.

You just wait till I show you Summer and Fall outside my kitchen window....
I love to look out my kitchen window when I cook, do dishes, etc. Usually there are birds to watch, sometimes my grandson, my silly old dog, Monroe, my cat Izzy, but mostly it's just comforting to me somehow, to watch the seasons go by while I cook for my family. Kind of weird, I guess.
What's outside your kitchen window? (you can play if you want to)
A few of the Friday Friends, kitchen windows.....

Los Banos, CA

Buckeye, AZ


~Jess said...

Your's looks about like mine, or at least your grass does. When I look out my window I see either the chickens or my lilac tree.

Terri said...

I posted mine. Come take a look!

Donna-FFW said...

What a cool the views..

teresa said...

What a fun post, if I had a window in my kitchen, I'd probably be looking at all the cherry blossoms right now, so pretty.

Love the blog, I've got my eye on those taco stuffed shells!

Lisa said...

Outside my kitchen window there are some shrubs. I don't know the name of them but they have tiny flowers on them this time of year that smell divine. That isn't always obvious because it rains so much here but the blooms last a while so usually I will get to enjoy the scent at least a little.

Anyway, last evening, while I was cleaning the kitchen, it wasn't raining. I opened the window a little and could smell the flowers. Then I saw a ruby throated hummingbird dart over to check them out too. It was stunningly beautiful! I reached for my camera but it was gone as quickly as it came. Still it made me smile!!

Happy Easter!

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