Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's Outside...

I will post this for "What's outside my kitchen window".

Okay, so it's not "exactly" outside my kitchen's a few blocks down the street. (one block down the street you run into desert) I think it's a Meadowlark. They are all over the desert. I never see them, I just hear them, so this was kind of fun for me.

If you want to see what's outside my kitchen window/yard/garden... go here.
Sorry this is so unorganized, but I went to Reno yesterday.
(taken from inside the truck where we obviously have a tint on the top of the windshield)
Don't get too was not for fun. (seriously tho, we live close to Reno, and while we like it well enough and have fun, it's not the same kind of fun you are probably thinking of )

And I ate here, at Joe's. We've never eaten there before, and I had always wanted to. It was either that or a quick lunch at Whole Foods. The Handy Man was with me so we went to the burger joint, where I ended up having a "Pacific Sandwich", which was tuna on toast. But it was really good. Joe's is a 50's style diner, complete with little jukeboxes on the tables.
And it's an old train car kind of thing. I liked it.
I am beyond being embarrassed about snapping pictures of my food. And anything else I might want to get a picture of.

Our lunches...

I'll post a recipe for a great salad later on.... but I'll leave you now so you can grab your camera's and show me what's outside YOUR kitchen window.

I'll leave you now with smiles from the desert..... (same walk I took Monday evening, when I saw the Meadowlark )


Karen said...

I've been to Reno once. 1974. LOL Guess I'm going to have to get back there one of these days. That looks like a Meadowlark from what I can tell. Did you know that it is Montana's state bird? There was a little diner in Yuma that we used to go to that had jukeboxes on the tables and a typical 50's feel. Fun places to eat. I'm not embarrassed to take pics inside a restaurant either. People probably wonder why I'd take a picture of a sandwich, but I don't care! LOL Wait until you see what's outside my window today.

Netts Nook said...

I love to go to Joe's it is a favorite when I come to Reno.

Lori said...

I love that little diner. Very cute. I love that pic of all the stools in a row.

Anonymous said...

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