Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Outdoor Wednesday--Train Ride Over the Mountain

On Wednesdays I'll sometimes join A Southern Daydreamer and her Outdoor Wednesday meme to share some pictures.
Stop by and check out other great photos of the outdoors!

 Last weekend we took a trip on the train to see the snow up in the mountains.
(while we were gone, the whole east coast got snowed in!)

I thought it might be like this....

But it was more like this on the trip over..... 

It was still very beautiful tho.

The Handyman and his Friday night friend, John,  start the train ride by playing cribbage.

We had a wonderful few days, and then, time to head back over the mountain....

As we're waiting to board, I say, look at me, I'm going to take your picture.
The Handyman never can play along, as seen below.  He's never conformed.
He is.... a bit.....frustrating sometimes.
WHY can't he just look my way?

The mountains (the Sierra Nevadas) got a good dumping of snow while we were having fun in Sacramento, so we saw much more of it on the ride back.

And all of the sudden we went right under a ski lift!

Almost home!  
You can see the front of the train from my window.

And how do they end the weekend?
The way they began.


Literary Feline said...

I would love to do that some day. It's been awhile since I was last on a train. Such pretty views.

bj said...

What a fun trip this must have been. Train rides in themselves are so fun. That's a lot of snow...brrr :)

Molly said...

Train rides are so relaxing. Not been on a proper long one in years


Stefanie said...

This is a unique getaway trip. Glad you had fun.

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures!

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