Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Snapshot

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Last month, we had a little get-together with a group we call our 5x5.
( 5 began as a church dinner/small group  and none of us knew each other  well at all.  The point was to get to know each other better.  And now we do. So well, in fact that we refuse to switch to another group, even tho we are supposed keep getting to know others better.  But we have secrets now.  It's best we stick together. )
And it was hosted at our friends Theresa and Mike's house (they are the youngest in the group) and they made us play a kind of made up "Name That Tune" game and then all of the sudden T had us up DANCING, because she is a dance teacher (owns her own studio) and it just got crazy after that.
Crazy like a bunch of old people with a little bit alcohol around!!
I know these first three pictures are almost exactly the same, but I just got a kick out of Rolly, the man in the front.
And if you look close you can see the Handyman's cute little tummy --- I just want to poke it!  (Uh oh-he might divorce me now)
You can guess what song was playing right?

And then all of the sudden,  Tiny Bubbles came on and she was teaching them how to do the Hula!
Rolly was the best sport ever!


And the official  5x5 photo!

And just so you know it was a real church meetin'  (even if alcohol was involved)
FIRE from the fingertips!!  Hallelujah!
(actually I think the song was JUMP)

 I even stayed up past my bedtime this night!
It was a fun night with friends!



Joy Weese Moll said...

Looks like you all had a blast!

bermudaonion said...

It looks like y'all were having a lot of fun!

Louise said...

Such fun. I can never resist that first song either.

Tina said...

You guys had fun!!! I love it!

Melinda Ott said...

What a fun night with friends! We also belong to a "small" group--except we aren't that small anymore. We're now sort of splitting into 2 groups, but still staying one big group...if that makes any sense at all!

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