Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wow! Just for me!

My friend Shelly took all my blog posts that have to do with my
Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown
and made me a book! 


This is just volume 1.  (thru 2014)

She's crazy like that!  Loves to do scrap-booking.
I 'think' of it,  but I don't do it.
Thank you Shelly.

As I've said before---it isn't about the recipes or the pictures, but it's about the people I love.

I would walk over hot coals for these people!
Well, that's perhaps exaggerating a bit--I would figuratively walk over hot coals for these people.  Real coals would be very HOT, and would HURT,but you know...I'd take a punch in the arm for these people!

One time, long, long ago (like 15 years ago)  in the Friday Friend 'notebook',  our theme of the day was  "whoop ass"  Which none of us ever say, but we spent the day making fun of that  line and writing silly emails back and forth saying things like "if they mess with you I'll open a can of whoop ass".
I'm not sure any of us understand WHOOP ASS, as we  were usually, working, taking kids to baseball and dance, having margaritas and wine with our friends, playing cards, board games, cooking dinner, etc.
Our lives didn't include whooping anyone's ass.

I would, if I had to---open up a can of it for these wonderful women I have in my life!

Some scenes from volume #1 of the
Friday Friend Cookbook

The dedication The Handyman, because he said that I would never EVER make all the recipes out of this book!

 I guess I 'll keep on cooking my way thru it!


Karen said...


Kay said...

What a great gift! You've got you some great friends there. I enjoy your posts about your recipes and stories of your friends. :-)

bermudaonion said...

Oh my gosh, that is beautiful! I know you'll treasure it.

Sally said...

Wow! That's amazing work. Keep cooking!

Stefanie said...

How sweet of her. What a lot of thoughtful hardwork she put into this scrapbook.

Katherine P said...

What a wonderful gift! What a wonderful friend! It's gorgeous!

Tina said...

What a wonderful gift this is. You have good friends and that says a lot about you, my friend! What a gorgeous cookbook. Being homemade would make it even more special to me.

Julie @ Smiling Shelves said...

What an amazingly special gift!

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