Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tiny Little Thing

From Goodreads:
In the summer of 1966, Christina Hardcastle—“Tiny” to her illustrious family—stands on the brink of a breathtaking future. Of the three Schuyler sisters, she’s the one raised to marry a man destined for leadership, and with her elegance and impeccable style, she presents a perfect camera-ready image in the dawning age of television politics. Together she and her husband, Frank, make the ultimate power couple: intelligent, rich, and impossibly attractive. It seems nothing can stop Frank from rising to national office, and he’s got his sights set on a senate seat in November.

But as the season gets underway at the family estate on Cape Cod, three unwelcome visitors appear in Tiny’s perfect life: her volatile sister Pepper, an envelope containing incriminating photograph, and the intimidating figure of Frank’s cousin Vietnam-war hero Caspian, who knows more about Tiny’s rich inner life than anyone else. As she struggles to maintain the glossy façade on which the Hardcastle family’s ambitions are built, Tiny begins to suspect that Frank is hiding a reckless entanglement of his own…one that may unravel both her own ordered life and her husband’s promising career.
From Me:
For the longest time I didn't read Women's Fiction, then, I read one of Karen White's book  (Long Time Gone) THEN I read  'The Secret Life of Violet Grant' by Beatriz Williams and I was hooked!  I always thought it too light for me.  I wanted to read something with substance--but here's the thing--I ENJOYED these books.  They weren't a chore or something I felt like I had to finish.  I liked the characters and the stories.
Yes, sometimes there is too much of a 'happy ending' but I haven't found that in Williams' books.  Usually a semi-happy ending, but with not so black and white that it's like a fairy tale.
Williams has a witty way of writing that I love.   I am enjoying reading about the Schuyler sisters.  Her stories pull you in and I take pleasure in seeing the dynamics in the sisters relationships.
The setting and time line were perfect too!  East Coast, 1960's!
3.8 stars!
I am adding this to my Women's Fiction Reading Challenge!
Which is hosted by Kathryn at The Book Date.


Kay said...

Another author that I've meant to try soon. And also, again, I think it's good for us to venture out of our 'regular' reads. Sometimes you find some treasures that you didn't know about.

Katherine P said...

This series is on my TBR. It sounds fabulous and I've seen some great reviews of it. I tend to lean more towards women's lit and "happy" reads but too light can definitely be unsatisfying. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It sounds like something I would enjoy as well!

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