Sunday, April 6, 2008

Happenings on the 13th


Hey, Mike just told me they evacuated the Jr High for a gas leak.

from me/debbie:
I have heard it on the radio too!!!
and surrounding houses.

from Theresa:
He (Mike) called about 10 min ago... haven't heard more. I told him he had to go get Macie if she needs to be rescued because I'm not even dressed! I'm ironing and packing and getting life in order! lol

well......hmmmm.... getting ready to go to Florida/DisneyWorld or rescuing your daughter from a disaster? Yeah....make dad do it if need be.

from Shelly:
I just got back from there. At least it's a nice day because all the kids are on that grass behind the jr high. But they were in the middle of testing when someone hit the gas main at one of the houses across the street from the jr high. They're hoping to be back in the building in an hour or so but I'm thinking those kids are going to get restless (and naughty) in that time. They have started to see how many buses they would need in case they need to bus them to somewhere else...not sure where.

from me/debbie:
hey...we have a big empty grand ballroom here. LOL

1 hour later.....
Southwest gas and the fire chief say all is clear. School is back in session now.

LOL (those kids are saying CRAP!!)

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