Thursday, January 10, 2013

This week's  Booking Through Thursday question asks:
do you like to give books as gifts?

My answer?
Why yes, of course I do.  I want to share all the good ones I've read, and surprise people with books about things they've mentioned in passing.   (I try to remember stuff like that)  Book cards/gift cards are okay, but I love to give a book!
I don't think it's hard to give a book as a present, at all....books and book related things are all good.


so, having answered that---Hello. I've been gone for a couple of months. Only from the blogging world  (Like I've said before,  you guys amaze me, those of who post every day or so--AMAZING.)  But just when I'm ready to come back, blogger is having some problems.  When I try to upload a picture,  I cannot find a browse button.   I've looked on Google a bit and it said they are trying to find a solution.  They gave a couple of other ideas for uploaded pictures, but it sounds like a lot of work to me.
Hopefully they'll be back on track soon, so that I can get back on track too.

PS  is anyone else having these same kinds of problems?

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