Monday, July 27, 2020

Friday Friend Recipe #258- Sun and Shadow Custard

My Friday Friend Cookbook Countdown #258

My mother-in-law's, Sun and Shadow custard

and you know all the whys and wherefores of this countdown, right? Homemade cookbook, friends contributed, Handyman said I couldn't/wouldn't do it, I'll show him, yadda yadda yadda....

...and the rest is cookbook history!

Just remember, the countdown is not all about pretty food and food design---it's about the people and the stories.
And (the most important thing)  proving my husband wrong--and that I can and WILL make every recipe in this cookbook

This custard is -- good.  It's different, but good.
The coriander makes for a tiny bit of savory in a sweet custard.
This was put in the Mexican section of the Friday Friend Cookbook--I have no idea if  (and I didn't research it) it really is of Mexican origin or is an American idea of what should be Mexican cooking, but either way, it goes good with a dinner of Mexican food.  
It's cool and creamy.

My mother-in-law, Theresa Marie Solaro-Stone-Belcher, passed away in March, 2020,  just a few days before her 85th birthday.
We are planning a family memorial at the end of summer as we haven't been able to have a 'real' funeral yet because of Covid-19.

I don't really have a funny story to tell about her right now--but believe me, I could drum one up on a moment's notice.  She was a very funny lady.  Plus a great cook and since she has more recipes in this cookbook, I will save them for later. (because I really will finish this someday--really!)

I'm just going to share some pictures of her and say she was the best mother-in-law ever!

Blended families are hard sometimes, but by the time I came into the family--43 years ago--it was what it was, and I only remember good times.
This is not to say that everyone's been blissfully happy with each other for the past 43 years, but the hard struggles were over and family life had settled into a pattern with visits and reunions and vacations and laughter and memories.
And people were accepted for who they were--that always impressed me.

Anyway,  I had two father-in-laws, both of whom I loved and love very much.  I was lucky to have them in my life.  Only one is still living and with the Coronavirus, we haven't been able to see him, but we have hope that we will soon.

A funny thing-- my father-in-law, Dick who was my MIL's first husband (5 children together) is a 'visitor' kinda guy.  He loves to look up old friends from his childhood and younger years.   Well one day he just dropped in on Teresa (my MIL) and Phil to 'visit' for old times sake.
They had all been neighbors in a cul-de-sac once, long ago.
And  you know what?  It was okay. They visited and reminisced about old neighbors, old times, old friends.

I'm just gonna go out on a limb here and say that I bet, if she served him that Sun and Shadow custard while he was visiting, he was in heaven (this is a really bad pun, because he is the only one who isn't in heaven.)! 
 Because she really was one of the best cooks I ever knew and he was probably thinking--Man I've missed this cooking!

And this my friends is 

recipe #258

Only 109 left to go!

Woo Hoo!

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