Thursday, March 13, 2008

Men (sigh)

I will begin and end with the longest two answers.
(I know I'm sending answers and notes fast today, but I am going to have to take my computer in this afternoon for a check up)

from Gina:
Oh my gosh Debbie.......I'm howling!!! That is so funny. I can completely relate. What's really funny is Mark's sister calls him McGuyver because he's always rigging something up!!! Why do men always assume that we WANT to help lift and fix things? Many times I have said "let me call some of the guys to come and help". The answer is always no, you and I can get it. Last Sunday, he asked me to help him saw in half one of our fence panels as we have to move the fence now to accommodate the garage. He hands me a piece of wood and tells me to "push" the panel against the saw blade as he feeds it through. He doesn't tell me how hard to push, just push. So I'm pushing and also day dreaming a little too when next thing I know he's yelling "STOP PUSHING SO HARD, LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING". Well, I'm no longer day dreaming as I'm royally ticked off. I (this is pretty good for me and my temper) calmly put the stick on the table and walked out. But, I was steaming. I didn't talk to him the rest of the evening. They really should call the men friends for help!!! Too funny.

hahahahaah... THIS IS IT EXACTLY. They ask us to do something we've never done and expect us to understand what we are doing. Same thing with me last night...I had no idea why we were using the dumpster, or what for. And then after I moved the truck and ran back to help him, he said "hold it". HOLD IT WHERE??? I'm not a guy, I don't understand "hold it" on a 500 lb compressor we are trying to "ease" to the ground.
(he still says it's only a bit over 100, but I beg to differ.) LOL

and why do they "assume" we will/want to/ should help them? Do we ever ask them to "come stir this sauce?"
okay, that sounded very very sexist. But my point is, that we will use our friends to help us with "like" stuff and not expect someone who doesn't know anything about it to help us out.

I just asked Rich this question when I took him some lunch.
He said.... "we want to involve you in more than our sex lives" :~) (and he was saying this with a straight face )

from Traci:
It makes him feel MAN-ly, this way he can tell all his friends how HE and HE alone unload this big freaking piece of equipment (it will weight 500 lbs for sure then) by himself. By the way all you did was drive the truck forward a little bit!

from Shelly:
I KNEW THIS IS WHERE THIS WAS GOING!!! I think we all have similar stories...with us it's the big-screen TV, hot tub, other things, I'm sure...I'm ready to call our friends so it would only take a few minutes. But, NO-O-O-O-O!! Do they thrive on all the arguing that happens during these times?

from me/debbie:
April said she forwarded it to Doug...Shelly is also going to forward to Lorin.
I'll keep you informed of what they have to say.

from Carolyn:
Your husband is soooooooo male typical. Isn't it amazing how things seem to happen as soon as we suggest asking for help?

from Jolina:
you are so funny - I love reading your stories.

WTF I love that

but you got Chinese food for all your troubles. And you didn't have to ask anyone for help. I'll bet Rich is just pleased as punch about it all! All puffed up.

from me/debbie:
well, there is that. I did get Chinese Food. But just imagine if you will.... Rich contemplating "me" and poking a chopstick in my direction telling me...ME, that I'm a pessimist!!

from Barbara B:
Just think----you could have pulled something in your back just like me....................!

from me/debbie:
Believe me.... I thought I would be crushed beneath it, and all my friends would FINALLY get together at my funeral. Forget FF reunion. My funeral will be it.
(at least you get to hear Gina and Lisa sing...)

oh...and Lorin, Shelly's husband, who I was going to call last night to help?
He says:
Good job Rich - sounds just like what I would have done – keep up the good work


Is Lorin the spokesperson for all men?
and we will end with the other longest note on this subject. From Rich's very own Aunt Darleen, LOL. Who is the voice of all women. :~)
( I can't help it....I have to laugh Darleen)

from Darleen:
Rich is a MAN. You KNOW they ALWAYS know WHAT to do, and HOW to do it. It is amazing you didn't spend the rest of the night at the ER while they tried to figure out HOW IN THE HELL Rich got a HERNIA!! I have learned one thing in life, MEN ARE STUPID, MEN ARE JACKASSES, AND MEN ARE PREDICTABLE AS HELL. I WOULD have been PISSED to beat the band, I have been PISSED in the past, and I am sure Marv will continue to do asinine things to drive me nuts.

One of the times that I was absolutely livid with Marv was when we were over at your FAVORITE MOTHER-IN-LAW'S and Marv decides to go on the roof of the house to remove pine needles so Phil's roof wouldn't rot. (they eventually removed the tree) Cherrie and Mike were there and EVERYONE BUT ME knew Marv was on the roof, and they all told him I would KILL him if I caught him. I went outside in the front yard and happened to look up and THERE HE WAS, JUST HAPPY AS A JUNK YARD DOG, (he was doing chemo and radiation at the time).
I swear I could have just killed him then and there. Needless to say, he STILL does really stupid things, but the roof thing really scared me half to death. He was near death in his health, and all that physical activity really hurt him. Even the morphine couldn't help him for days. WHY do men think they have to be so damn MACHO? I do agree with one of the sayings you wrote....THREE WISE MEN????? I imagine back then WOMEN weren't allowed to think and didn't know the difference!!
Just wait until RICH RETIRES and you have him 24/7. WHATEVER YOU DO, MAKE SURE HE HAS A HOBBY, OR BETTER YET, LOTS OF HOBBIES, OR ELSE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A JOB AND ARE OUT OF THE HOUSE. I swear if Marv moves one more thing in the kitchen, or pantry, or does ONE MORE THING TO MY COMPUTER, he will wish he was BACK ON TERESA'S ROOF...

Auntie Darleen and Uncle Jackass Marv

Fish cont

But Salmon doesn't really smell your house up.
Just cod and red snapper, etc.
why not salmon? or does it......????

from Traci:

from Shelly:
I like fish but that's why I only cook it on the bbq...

from Sadie:
haha,that's hilarious. Was Luke embarrassed?

ah.... Luke.
hmmm. NO not embarrassed. I doubted he even knew.

from Barb B:
The "Queen of Clean" says to put a small bowl of vinegar next to your stove, and it will absorb a lot of the odor. Especially fish.

from me/debbie:

Fish story

I've thought about this, but in the winter it gets to be VERY COLD in my garage.

from Traci:
We all love the smell when they are cooking, it's the 'leftover' smells we don't like. I know a few women here in town that actually have 'second' kitchens in the garage to cook the smelly foods out there.

Working stoves, etc. in the garage. They will cook fish and stuff like that outside then do the rest in the house.

I've told you all my fish story before.... when we lived next to Debbie Engstrom, I fixed fish on Friday. the next night there was a jr high "lock in" at church. Luke went.
When Debbie arrived to drop off her kids, Luke's coat was sitting outside. OUTSIDE the church door. The Youth Group Leader told her that "the Stone's must have left Luke's coat in the boat all winter."
She said...."they don't have a boat."

Some friend. :~)

and a quick answer

And a very quick answer.... LOL

from Meghan:
at first I thought you meant in the house but now I realize you mean on the person? I know bacon always lingers a long time here...and if the kids have maple syrup you can smell it for hours on them. Whenever I sauté a lot of onions our house reeks of it for our rooms everywhere. I notice when I go to Mexican food I retain the odor of the food/restaurant until I shower... and I heard from someone if you go to the new fondue restaurant in town wear something old as you reek of the oils used...which makes sense...
I will be back, off to make bacon and eggs!! with sourdough for dipping...

from Jolina:
Syrup and bacon I notice.
Actually, if more people ate something with syrup before coming to church, that might be an improvement over some of those I've smelled in church.

Garlic lingers too. Whenever I cook potato soup, or spaghetti, I can smell it in my basement stairwell.

from Traci:
I remember one time I cooked bacon(I still fry it not nuke it) and when I got to work Lisa told me I smelled like maple, well my bacon was maple smoked!! hahaha So no more cooked breakfasts for me.

from Theresa:
Yes... like your house can smell like bacon & eggs for hours! What's up with that?

from Sadie:
Yes it really does. like sausage and bacon. We love it but when we cook it in the apartment it takes forever for it to go away

from Theda:
Do you worry that they linger on you so that while you are at church
people can smell what you just ate???? I think it all has to do with
being hungry.

from Barb B:

from Shelly:
I guess I don't get why that is a concern to you when you go to church...

from me/debbie:
that's the only time I actually COOK a breakfast. You think I cook on weekday mornings? ahahahhahaahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahaahhahahaahaahahahhahahaaa!!!!
yeah... I worry that I smell like bacon grease or pancake batter. (because pancakes and waffles have a smell too)
not that any of these are bad, but I'd rather smell nice.
Not like stale food.
And onions ---I love the smell of cooked onions, as I'm eating them, but not the next morning when Debbie Engstrom comes to coffee --- and I have to explain my onion smell. Or my garlic smell, Or in my case my husband's beef jerky smell.

PS since Barb's bad back episode, she is a one word answerer..... (sigh). I miss her.

The Compressor

Last evening Rich and I drove to Lovelock to pick up a new compressor for the shop. He bought it from the traveling tool show, that was here in Winnemucca for the last three days, but they didn't have the compressor here. They shipped a few for the Lovelock Traveling tool show. They called him yesterday afternoon and told him they had one.
Lovelock is 70 miles from here. I told him I would drive over with him. we left at about 5:20. They tool show closed at 7:00.
We made it to Lovelock in record time. The compressor was sitting there waiting for us. It was bolted to a pallet. We forgot to take our canopy off the truck before leaving Winnemucca. It took 3 Tool guys and Rich to get it into our truck and then they had to prop it up with all kinds of empty cardboard boxes, because it couldn't lay flat, or the oil would drain. (it is brand new, but they put brand new oil in it too ???)
It really shouldn't sit like this for more than 24 hours, they tell us.
Okay---Rich wants to forgo pizza at the Pizza Factory in Lovelock, and drive back home fast to unload this thing.
That's fine with me.... so we drive. Well, he drives, I read, until there is no more light. About ten miles out of town, I pick up my cell phone.
Rich says, who're you calling?
I say, um, Doug Cain, Larry Storm, Lorin Noble... to see if they can meet us at the Cleaners to help unload this thing.

GUESS WHAT HE SAYS? .................

"why don't you just hold off on that. I think we can do this."

FRACK!!! He's such a guy.
I'm sure it weighs 500 pounds!! (he says just a bit over 100, but I don't think so)
So, I stew... I mean, I'm not a lifter of heavy stuff anyway... this is bone crushing thing!!!!
Why can't he just ask his friends?????

He then says... "I think I've figured out how to unload it using my dumpster."
WHAT??? (and he sounds so excited and happy at the thought of McGyvering it.)

The whole time, I'm thinking......why, WHY, can't he just call his friends. He'll get mad at me for not being able to hold the weight and it will fall, and maybe I'll be underneath it.
WTF? Why am I standing for this?????

By this time we are in town, and pulling behind the cleaners.
He backs up to the dumpster. I want to cry. He's excited. I mean, REALLY, he's so cute, like a little kid.

I do not have the time or the terminology or the writing technique to explain how we got the frigging thing out of the truck (with canopy and piles of cardboard), onto the dumpster (with top down/closed) and then me pulling the truck away (half the compressor was still in the truck and half on the dumpster w/lid) and then I had to run back and we lowered the thing to the ground. This 500 lb thing!!!! (or less, according to him).
Then he was able to get a hand truck/dolly and we maneuvered it into the back room of the cleaners.
All with just a "tad bit" of melodrama with me yelling, my arm is stuck, my arm is stuck, and he swearing.
But all in all, it didn't take that long.
He "McGyver-ed" it very well.

Then over Chinese food, he tells me I'm a pessimist.
(he KNEW we could do it.)
(he doesn't know, I didn't want to do it. LOL)

Men, (sigh)
Love, Debbie

If the world were a logical place, men would ride side saddle. ~Rita Mae Brown

Three wise men - are you serious? ~Author Unknown

What's with you men? Would hair stop growing on your chest if you asked directions somewhere? ~Erma Bombeck

Just wondering

have you ever noticed that breakfast food smells linger longer than dinner/supper food smells?

yeah, I know...... this ponderence isn't especially meaningful, but..... have you?
I always worry about that when I go to Church.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Telephone

This is too funny!!!
Since we were talking about telephone numbers last week.... then this appeared in the newspaper on Sunday.
The print is probably too small to read.... I'll tell you all the good stuff this article says (tomorrow), but BOY DON'T WE HAVE TIMELY conversations? LOL LOL

from Linda:
Oh yes, I had a friend that was also a telephone operator and she used to
say, "Bumble Bees" instead of "number please", just to see if anyone way
paying attention.

ahahhahaa.... bumble bees!!! hahahaha

In Enterprise, we didn't have words with our numbers. I remember that
your dad got Grandmother and Grandfather their first phone. Mike was in
high school and wanted to talk to your mom, so he paid to have the phone
installed at our house. Our first phone number was 2461. I wonder if
your mom our dad remember what the number was.

I also remember when your mom was a telephone operator. I lived in Walla
2 and I called a guy in Enterprise. Your mom got the call and told
Grandmother. I got in so much trouble. My choice in men. even way back
then, wasn't good. I shouldn't have had anything to do with him and your
mom knew it. I should have thanked her instead of throwing a fit. I
don't remember that part, but I was prone to fits when things didn't go my

from Laura:
I remember when you only needed the 3 and then the # to dial people in Wmca. I had kind of forgotten that. When we lived there, about 28 years ago…that was all I needed to make a call.

I'm still laughing over Bumble bees...... :~)

Why we keep what we away little books

I have no idea.....why I keep things others throw out. :~) But it's hard for me to part with books.
Some months, after I buy books, there might be money left for rent and food!!! (that is a paraphrase of a quote I read in a "book". LOL )
and books are my friends. the rest of you? pffftttt!!

from Linda:
I keep books because they're about someone I know or have had contact with
in some way. I keep books because they're written by someone I know, like
a relative that was number one on the Best Seller list. I keep books
because they say something special to me or remind me of something
special. Sometimes I keep books because they are a good read and I want
to read them again sometime down the line.

from Jolina:
Textbooks are expensive, so if it's a topic I like, or think someone can use again, I keep most of those. History books in particular I think the girls might be able to use as they get older.

Novels and such, I keep the ones I enjoyed reading. Most all our book club books I've kept. I have passed a few on to my niece in Boston. But I have to really like those books to mail them to her.

from Cherrie Lou Who:
I keep the books I keep because they are important. ALL books are important. Don't you remember reading about Abe Lincoln walking miles to return a book, this is due to the fact that not everyone has access to books or the books they get are the ones their governments decide they can have. Remember when we learned about the soviets BURNING!!!!! BOOKS!!!!! we were shocked and appalled. We need to realize that the access to both fiction and non fiction publications is limited in other places and we should cherish the rights and freedoms we have. even the little freedoms that seem small and that say we can read what we want.
Even after tons of school and college I still have a hard time writing in a book, mostly because that alters the authors original publication.
It's kind of like buying a music CD that had been edited. . . . . edited for gods sake! If the creative or even not so creative Artist who wrote that song did not want certain words in there, he or she would not have written the song that way!
We who save books do it because we know deep down inside that we are lucky to have them. . . . . Or maybe I'm just a collector(packrat) of things.

from Diana:
Jeff has asked the same question and I never have a good response. I
suppose it is because some books touch me in some way and I want to
keep it. Others not so much.

from Sadie:
I have always loved books. Since I learned to read (at 3) the best present I could ever receive was a brand new book of almost any kind. I became a collector of books and can't imagine having to part ways with them (I don't think I've ever gotten rid of a book) and I look forward to the day when I have my own house and I can have a floor to ceiling shelves to hold my ever growing collection. I love them.

when we moved into this apartment I took that as an opportunity to catalogue my books. I made an excel spread sheet of each book I had (Marcus though I was the hugest dork ever, but he said it was kind of cute what ever that means) of course it's already outdated as I think I've added something like 50 books since then (Yale makes you buy millions of books each semester). I can see the books.

from Georgann:
Good question....I give my books to friends or to Friends of the Library here in S.L. The library has a used book store. I buy books there and give them back when I am finished with them. I also prefer to use the public library, saves me money and I don't have room to keep books. Bob on the other hand, keeps his books forever! That is until I sort them out and give some away.

from Shelly:
I keep the ones I like. Sometimes I loan them out. If I get them back, that's fine but I don't stress over it if I don't. Poke and Peek gets the others. I don't really have an answer to "why"...I just do!

and Traci started it all.......

from Traci:
Tell me............why do you keep your books?? I only ask this because Larry asks me why I keep some and get rid of others. I never had a good answer for him! hahahaa

i don't know if any of you recall this, but I signed up to be a "book crosser".... I have my labels printed out to put in my books to see where in the world they go.......
when you finish your book, you leave it in public and leave it to fate.
hopefully someone somewhere will pick it up, check in with the website and then pass it along and along and you can see where your book goes.

some books have traveled far across the ocean. and some never find a new home. :~)

It's weird, I know.

from Sadie:
That's what I thought, that makes me kind of sad. I don't know if I could just abandon my books. I love them too much and I'd be afraid the right person would never find them. But if it works that might be neat too.

from me/debbie:
we'll see if I ever hear from my little books. I'm going to push them out the nest.
(after I catalog them all of course ) (which I am doing...check link below for requests..... you FF book crossers )


Well Cohen is Sunday's child too.
(he as wall as Mark, won't like the "gay" tag) LOL
Interestingly, we don't have any FF Mondays, or Thursdays childs....yet.

from Linda:
Surely you're mistaken. Isn't Mark 14? How do these kids
keep getting older. My baby turned 31 this February. Of
course I started having children when I was 12.

from Jeff Stone:
Geez, I wish I was 23 again.

from me/debbie:
LOL. And Jeff is all of what......33.

from Tomi:
Alas-I am full of woe as well!!

from Gina:
I was born on a Sunday.

from Barbara Brown:
I'm a Friday gal------who is loving and giving.

from Darleen:
I am Friday's Child

from Jolina:
Mike & I were both born on Fridays.
Mark on a Saturday (early a.m.)
Jenna Tuesday
Nikki Monday

from Sadie:
I was born on a friday

from Traci:
Friday's child is loving and giving! That's me! hahahaha

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny, blithe, good and gay.

woo hoo

While we are waiting for a picture of Cohen... I have other exciting news!!!

from my cousin Linda: (and her daugther Jenn)
The good, no, make that great, news is Jenn is Pregnant !!!! Hooray.
Spread the word.

it just never ends around here. LOL

Names and Faces

Face to's always nice to put names to faces.
Of course, you'll only remember it's Susie. (cuz there are too many kids in this picture to remember...)
Susie, the Godmother of my children. She's the adult in the picture.
She "chimes in" once in a while. :~)

We used to live next door to Tom and Susie BK (before kids). Just like Lucy and Ricky and Ethel and Fred. then they had little Ricky (Ryan). LOL
there was a lot of popping in and out of each other's duplexes---just like in "I love Lucy".
I had to help Susie save the life of a field mouse once.... (she is kind-hearted)......we set it free. (and then it came back and she accidentally sucked it up in her vacuum. It was the water kind of vacuum, so you could see the poor little traumatized mouse fighting for his life....SORRY Susie. LOL LOL She is much more kind hearted than me. ) but us saving his life the first time? Very Lucy and Ethel-ish.
You should have seen us.

(and to keep things straight. It's not Tom now, it's Kelly. And I never lived next door to Kelly. :~)

Susie and her grandchildren
Aleah, Makayden, Jakob, Paige and Colby

not good at all

not good at all...

from Barb Brown:
But the child that is born on Sabbath day is bonny and
blithe and good and gay......................." I;m thinking
that Mark won't like that quote.

from Gina:
Grace, I think.

from me/debbie:
no, I bet he's hoping for the "grace" and not the "gay". LOL

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child that's born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny, blithe, good and gay.

There is also the likelihood an ancient rhyme had evolved over time and lines were reassigned to different days for cultural reasons, as in the case with the final rhyme for the Sabbath day being identified for Sunday instead of actual Judeo-Christian biblical scripture identifying Saturday as the Sabbath. In fact, a strict historical review of the rhyme would more correctly have the verse read:
Sunday's child is full of grace. (Christian day of worship)
Monday's child is fair of face. (Mon=Moon, with its 'face')
Tuesday's child is full of woe. (Tues=Týr, Norse 'God of War')
Wednesday's child has far to go. (Wednes=Woden 'The Wanderer')
Thursday's child works hard for a living, (Thur=Thor, Norse god)
Friday's child is loving and giving. (Frida=Freyja, Norse 'God of Love')
But the child that is born on Sabbath-day
Is bonny and happy and wise and gay.

Click on this lind and Do this and let me know what day you were born on. :~)
I am a Wednesday's Child. (woe is me )

Birthday boy

today is Mark's birthday!! woo hoo!!
He's 23 today.
Born at 1:36 a.m. on Sunday.
Sunday's child is full of..... ???


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Marcus....
Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lil' Biggie

Before I go any further, I just want to state the fact that Lisa will from here on out be known as "Lil' biggie". LOL She called her own grandma "Biggie" and I think we should carry on this family tradition. :~)

And yes, Lisa is now a grandma!!

"Cohen Alexander Volpicelli" was born at 12:04 a.m.
He weighed in at 8lbs 3oz, and is 21 1/2 inches long.

Lisa is in Reno, Dennis is on his way, and Brad is supposed to be downloading a picture on the computer for us.

Of course, he is the cutest baby in the hospital!!!
How could he not be? (he's a Friday Friend guy, 2x removed. LOL )

Everybody is doing fine.
Contrats Grandma Lisa... or I mean Lil' Biggie Lisa. :~)

** just to let you know...Cohen shares his birthday with Barbie. and the mustang. And.....Stephani's dog Tater.
Lisa said that Stephani told Amanda (they are sisters, both Lisa's daughters) right after Cohen was born, something about he made it to the 9th and that is Tater's birthdate. (Tater is the boston terrier). Amanda looked at her sister and said, and I quote --- "get away from me" LOL

Sunday Morning

Today, Daylight Savings begins, so we all (except for the rebels in Arizona and Hawaii) lose an hour.
I decided to go to the Methodist Church today. And as usual, I am late when I decide to do this. I mean, I looked at the clock and it was 9:05 and the service began at 10:00. But I think I can do it. I jump in the shower, do all my stuff and grab a pair of nylons (okay they're pantyhose, but nylons sound so much more attractive), and as I'm putting them on, I am my fingernail right thru them. The hole with the beginning of a run, is in the thigh area. So I decide to the old-fashioned remedy and grabbed a bottle of fingernail polish. It was red. I am standing in front of the bathroom mirror, my body contorted so I can see the run and with my left hand try to put a dab of red fingernail polish on it. I put more than a dab. ( a blob of red, dripping blood is what it looks like)
I pull on my skirt...and wonder of wonders it is a bit too big for me. I grab a safety pin (but we only have the small ones) and gather it and pin it, so it fits me better. I walk to the closet, bend over to pick up my shoes and the safety pins goes --- bling!!! poking itself right into my stomach. Now I have a red blood drop on my stomach and a red fingernail polish blob on the back of my thigh.
When I take my cloths off tonight, Rich is going to wonder, what war I have been thru.

AND.... time is running out. It is 10 minutes till 10 o'clock. I pull on my shoes, get another safety pin, grab some earrings and ....and.....THE PHONE RINGS. Do I answer it? Do I ignore it?
Caller ID says it is Dustin. Damn. One cannot ignore their children. But he was just calling to visit and to let me know that they are getting a new apartment, and the best thing about that is there is a pond. With Ducks.

(sigh) he will never let us forget that we didn't get him a duck when he was a kid.
I am happy he finally has his ducks. Such a bad mother I was.

So, this was my morning. How was yours?

I made it to church on time (well...five minutes late). It was nice. And no one noticed the red fingernail polish blob on the back of my thigh that was sticking out from under my skirt a bit. LOL or they were too nice to mention it.

So, today is the birthday of Mickey Spillane, the author Mike Hammer Detective novels. I can't help it, I just love that, Mickey Spillane-ish flow of hard core detective narration.
But....not all of you share my fascination. LOL

from Barb B (who, to be fair, is doped up on medication for her back. Rich talked to her yesterday and said she was pretty "loopy" )
I'm sorry-------but I actually don't care who said it. Besides, I think my medication messes with my brain, too.

from Meghan:
I think you asked that before!! Mike Hammer?

from Sadie:
I have no idea (so I googled it- I'm not familiar with his work)

from Tomi:
That sounds like a Mickey Spillane sort of line from his detective novels. If not, it should be!

ahhh, Tomi. I knew it would be she (and Meghan too, who's read everything under the sun) to get the quiz of the day right.

Spillane was once asked why detective Mike Hammer is always depicted drinking beer. He said, "Mike Hammer drinks beer, not cognac, because I can't spell cognac."

And, "If you're a singer you lose your voice. A baseball player loses his arm. [But] a writer gets more knowledge, and if he's good, the older he gets, the better he writes."

Quiz for the day

Who said this? Or, who wrote this?

"I shook the rain from my hat and walked into the room. Nobody said a word. They stepped back politely and I could feel their eyes on me."

It's your quiz for the day.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

love that song..

Out in the west Texas town of El paso...
I fell in love with a Mexican girl.....

Marty Robbins. It's on the radio right now.
I love that song. :~)

It's been longer now.

okay....It's been a long, long time, this go-round. I will do better....

Everyday I receive a letter or blog from Daybook, which is a (hmmmm, how to explain),'s a newsletter or site that respects and encourages and informs me about all religions.
I like it.
today the first part of it went like this:

We would wish that there were moments in each of our lives when we could say, "Everything is perfect." And many are blessed with such moments from time to time. Most days, though, we are seeing what needs to be done, and trying to make things better for our loved ones, our world, and ourselves. Today's selections explore the challenge of trying to make things better.

I think what I need to do is to learn to compartmentalize things in my mind and heart.
(uh oh....I'm sure I'm getting a little to "heavy" for some of you.... so I'll lighten it up by pointing out that I probably just used some quotation marks wrong. LOL )

When something is going wrong or not perfect with someone I know or love, or they are having difficulties... I cannot compartmentalize it.

I really, need to work on that. :~)

Hopefully most of you are better at that than I am.
I don't think of myself as a pessimist, but here is a funny story......
when I was having gallbladder problems, we lived in California. It hurt SO BAD when that little stone would plug up my gall bladder.... (give me childbirth every Friday instead please).
Before they found out what was wrong, I had to have some tests. One came back inconclusive about the gall stones.
At this time I was walking with Stella every morning and some afternoons ---- (the healthiest I've ever been...where is Stella when I need her???!!)
anyway, one morning, I told Stella that it probably wasn't my gall bladder.
She said, "well that's good" (she's ever the optimist )

As it turned out, I did have gall stones and they took them out and all is well. :~)

but... I still don't see myself as a pessimist. LOL

What can we do to make life better today?

Love, Debbie

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